Kelly Ripa Hair Color, Clown Shortage Rumor & Justin Timberlake


Kelly Ripa Hair Color & Part

Kelly Ripa had some of the pink taken out of her hair, and now she is parting it on the other side, like a rebel. “None of what I do to my hair is good for it,” she said, trying to explain to Michael Strahan what it’s like, since he said he has limited options for hairstyling. She recommended leopard spots for him, while Michael Gelman suggested going blond.

Kelly and Michael: Clown Shortage Rumor

Kelly Ripa Hair Color, Clown Shortage Rumor & Justin Timberlake

Rumors of a clown shortage have been making headlines this week, but some clowns in New York say that there is nothing to fear in the clowning world.


A national clown shortage could mean that birthday parties and children’s events will be understaffed. The story, which first appeared in the news earlier this week, said that it’s difficult to recruit young people into the profession.

In response to the first wave of press, angry clowns in the New York area have been claiming that there are plenty of clowns. Michael wondered if there are too many clowns in big cities and a shortage in other parts of the country, citing supply and demand.

Kelly said you can make yourself feel better by putting a novelty red rubber nose on your face. It will give you an instant mood booster, she suggested. It could also put smiles on the faces of everyone around you.


Kelly & Michael: Justin Timberlake Cancellation

Producer Christine and at least one audience member had tickets to Justin Timberlake’s concert on Wednesday, February 19, which was rescheduled for Friday, February 21. Would you be disappointed if you missed out on the show, or you could not make it to the new show date?

To make it up to producer Christine, who had another commitment on Friday, Michael stripped off his jacket and danced to one of Justin’s many hits.

By the time that performance was over, Gelman had scrounged up some red rubber noses from backstage for Kelly and Michael to wear, but Strahan said that he had trouble breathing out of his nose with it on. Kelly thinks she missed out on a career as a clown or her calling leading Santa’s sleigh.


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