Kelly Ripa Different Colored Shoes & Winter Olympics Snowboard Race


Kelly & Michael: Winter Olympics Snowboard Race

Kelly Ripa said that she spent her night watching the Winter Olympics, and she is surprised at the new sports that have been added, such as a snowboarding race. Michael Strahan saw the wrecks and could not believe the competition. Kelly tried to use the crashes and calamities as a metaphor for life and not giving up.

Michael had a different reaction, becoming enraged on behalf of the guy who was knocked out of the race due to another competitor’s error. That’s the same reaction Kelly’s husband had, she said, after putting in all that hard work and training. Do you have a favorite event at the Winter Olympics?


Kelly and Michael: Ski Jumping & Speed Skating

Kelly Ripa Different Colored Shoes & Winter Olympics Snowboard Race

Have you been watching the Winter Olympics? Kelly Ripa & Michael Strahan watched a dramatic snowboard racing competition and drew their own conclusions.

The hosts also discussed ski jumping and how hard it must be to stay in the air, especially with Michael’s gap creating wind resistance. Speed skating is another popular sport, but Kelly said sometimes it seems like they are not moving very quickly. Bobsledding is another popular event.

If she got to pick, Kelly would compete in pairs skating with another female contestant. Michael would prefer speed skating. What do you think you would want to try if you got to be in the games? The US Olympic team calls their outfits uniforms, but other countries call them costumes.


Executive producer Michael Gelman agreed to try to get the hosts tight, aerodynamic Olympic outfits, against Strahan’s will. We can agree that the hosts are gold medalists in daytime talk, at the very least.

Kelly Ripa Different Colored Shoes

Kelly Ripa wore two different color shoes on the February 18 show. To compliment her pink and blue shirt, she wore one Jimmy Choo pump and a Gianvito Rossi, which were the same heel height. It was intentional, but it set the Internet ablaze with tweets and email comments from eagle-eyed viewers.

Viewers questioned whether Kelly was aware of her shoes, and one woman even insisted she had not been drinking. A Canadian viewer named Chris complimented her bold fashion choice, which Kelly admitted was due to the fact that she could not decide.

She also offered an apology to those who were upset or disturbed by her choice, and even Michael Strahan was inundated with tweets about Kelly’s shoes.

Kelly and Michael: Daniela D’Andrea Lost Ring

Recently, there was a Marc Anthony concert at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. A 63-year-old concert attendee found a diamond ring in a bathroom stall at the arena. Inside the box was a note for a woman named Daniela D’Andrea, featuring what sounded like a proposal. Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan said that the saga is still up in the air, and they hoped there would be a conclusion to the story.

The hosts speculated about whether she said no to his proposal, or how the ring may have been left behind in a bathroom stall. Now I’m really curious to find out what will happen with this story. I hope the hosts keep us updated.

Wheely Wild Winter Travel Trivia: Matt LeBlanc

The morning’s trivia caller was Tina Rossi from Farmington, Michigan, and she was competing for a vacation at The Buccaneer in St. Croix.

What city did Matt LeBlanc say he was from?

Tina missed the show, so she didn’t know that LeBlanc was from Boston. Instead, she and someone in the studio audience won $500 to Bed Bath and Beyond.


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