Kelly & Michael: US Open Champ Andy Murray & Remembering 9/11


Live!: September 11 Anniversary

Kelly Ripa wore black for the September 11 anniversary show with Michael Strahan. Their host chat segment included reflections on the 9/11 attacks in 2001 and a conversation with US Open winner Andy Murray. She got emotional recalling that she and Regis were on the air during the World Trade Center attacks 11 years ago. Someone’s cell phone was ringing in the background, which was distracting and especially inappropriate.

Michael Strahan said that he had played the previous night for Monday Night Football and was at his New Jersey home when he first heard the news. “It was unbelievable,” he said.


The co-hosts agreed that the beams of light representing the Twin Towers were a powerful reminder of the somber occasion. Kelly said the lights would be illuminated once again tonight for the anniversary observance.

Kelly & Michael: Remembering 9/11

“I think the way the city pulled together, the way the country pulled together, the response of everybody to it just made you realize how great the human spirit is, how great people are,” Michael said. “And we should always remember that. We should always honor those who died that day.”

They also recalled the heroes in New York City and those who helped out from around the country in the 9/11 aftermath. Kelly said that day was her son’s first day of school, and he and his classmates were immediately dismissed upon arriving at school.


Kelly said Lola was with her at the studio for that day’s show, since she was just three months old at the time. Kelly sat with guest Joan Rivers, and they watched the events unfold in shock. Joan sobbed, but was still able to tell Kelly she looked “fabulous.”

Gelman at the US Open Men’s Finals

US Open Champ Andy Murray: Kelly & Michael

US Open champ Andy Murray talked about his big win with Kelly & Michael. (Neale Cousland /

Michael Strahan said he watched the US Open Men’s Finals yesterday, a match that lasted five hours. He mimicked the tennis grunts and said he texted with Gelman, who was watching the match in person. Kelly asked if the female vs male tennis players’ grunts were different.

In the end, Andy Murray emerged victorious as the first British athlete to win the US Open in about 75 years. He is an upcoming guest on today’s show, so I’m sure he’ll have some things to say about the competition.

Yesterday, Kelly asked Serena Williams about her diet. She said she still has to watch her diet even after a long and grueling match. She said she wondered if the same was true for Andy. Of course, they showed a photo of him kissing the trophy.

Kelly & Michael: Record NY Summer Heat

Michael revealed that summer 2012 was the third hottest on record for New York City. The runners up were 2011 and 1936.

Kelly Ripa: Joaquin Conseulos Dyslexia & Dysgraphia

Kelly said her youngest son, Joaquin, is dyslexic and dysgraphic. Now that he and her other kids are back in school, she wanted to praise the staff at Joaquin’s school for their patience and expertise with his needs.

She brought in a writing assignment that Joaquin brought home from school. She read some of his answers to writing prompts about what he would change about school (no homework) and how much he enjoys spending time with his family.

Kelly & Michael: US Open Champion Andy Murray

Andy Murray broke a 76-year losing streak for Britain when he won the US Open in a five-hour match September 10 2012. He trotted out his trophy and sat by the co-hosts, saying he’d slept just one hour last night since celebrating his victory.

Murray said he was nervous before the match, and Michael mentioned Murray’s coach, who is a former US Open champ. Kelly asked whether Murray got hungry during the five-hour match. The biggest complaint he had was that he apparently lost a toenail sometime during the competition.

As for his antics on the sidelines, Murray said he was running around to stay warm on a windy evening. Wind can affect the trajectory of the ball, and Murray said his semifinal match was an even windier day.

Live!: Andy Murray US Open Trophy

Murray recently racked up an Olympic gold medal, and actually met the queen a few years back at Wimbledon. He said he has also met royal couple William and Kate, as well as Pippa Middleton.

Michael said he got nervous watching the long match, and wondered how Murray keeps his cool on the court. He admitted he gets frustrated in competition, and it can be difficult to maintain focus for such a long time.

For dinner after the match, he celebrated with an Asian fusion dinner around midnight. He did not drink to celebrate, because he had to get up early and make the rounds of the media. The co-hosts offered to take him out for a beverage to commemorate his big win.


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