Kelly & Michael: UNICEF Snowflake Ball & X Express Train to Las Vegas


Kelly Ripa: UNICEF Snowflake Ball

Last night, Kelly Ripa had a really fun time for a really great cause. She attended the UNICEF Snowflake Ball at Cipriani in midtown, hosted by her friends Hillary and Bryant Gumbel. She called watching people who devote their lives to helping children  “the most moving experience.” UNICEF is an amazing organization that helps children all over the world get the basic needs that we take for granted every day: clean water, clothes, food and education.

Katy Perry was there, Tony Bennett gave an incredible performance and Harry Belafonte was the night’s big honoree (except Kelly couldn’t remember his name because Mark woke her up at 4 am).


Kelly & Michael: UNICEF Snowflake Ball & X Express Train to Las Vegas

Kelly & Michael discussed their fun nights out and the X Express train to Las Vegas during Host Chat.

Michael Strahan: The Elbow Room & The Arlington Club

Michael also had a busy night, in which he visited not one, but two great restaurants (lucky him). He first went to a new restaurant called The Elbow Room in Newark. Michael attended the ribbon cutting ceremony and then he came back to attend a “top secret” meeting with ABC. He could say that the bigwigs at the company love the show, and also found out that if he wants to go on a Disney Cruise, he’s got the connections to make it happen!

Later, he went to dinner on the Upper East Side at another new restaurant called the Arlington Club. He said it was delicious. Michael had a busy but fun night filled with lots of delicious food.


Kelly & Michael: “X Express” Train From L.A. to Las Vegas

Michael often drives from Los Angeles to Las Vegas, which takes around four hours if there’s no traffic. However, starting on New Year’s Eve 2013, there will be a new train to transport partygoers from city to city. The “X Express” is an “adult only” train that runs from Fullerton to Vegas. Michael guessed that “adult only” meant lots of booze and maybe a few poles in between the seats!

Kelly thought that the X Express sounded fun, but what doesn’t sound fun is the ride home. That’s when visitors will be smelling of “regret and Glenlevit.”

Kelly & Michael: Smart Car Knows If You Are Tired

Of course you can always still drive to Vegas, and that’s when a new type of smart car will come in handy. A car is currently being developed that can tell if you are tired, drunk or sick through sensors. It might be helpful, but Michael thinks that if he was driving and his car started telling him he was sleepy, he’d probably get more sleepy.

Kelly & Michael: Onion Names Kim Jong-un Sexiest Man Alive

The Onion is a hilarious satire newspaper that spoofs politics, pop culture, and more. However, the country of North Korea was not in on the joke when they named Dictator Kim Jong-un the Sexiest Man Alive. The country took the headline seriously and dedicated a 55-page newspaper spread to the “world’s sexiest” dictator. They cited his “boyish charm and strong, sturdy frame” as the reasons for his appeal.

It’s funny, but also kind of sad, don’t you think? See more of Host Chat below.

Fall Into the Holidays Trivia: Helen Hunt

Kelly & Michael recently spoke with actress Helen Hunt. The Fall Into the Holidays Travel Trivia question was: In what state did Helen Hunt’s great-great-grandmother vote? The answer was Maine. A caller won a trip to the Fairmont Mayakoba Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico, and an audience member won a gift card to Zappos.


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