Kelly & Michael: Top Dog Names of 2012 & Men Vs. Women Chores


Kelly & Michael: Men Vs. Women Chores

Happy 2013! For their first new show of the new year, Kelly & Michael decided to kick off host chat with a discussion on household chores. Kelly Ripa reported that throughout the past year, men have contributed more to household chores than ever before. They’re more likely to wash dishes, clean floors and do laundry. Plus, time spent doing these chores is up two minutes from 2003.

Michael said he feels as if men do their share. He actually enjoys washing the dishes and ironing clothes. “Folding is very therapeutic,” he said. “I’m the perfect man!” In Kelly’s house, the chores are always very gender specific. For example, she would never take out the trash.


Kelly & Michael: Top Dog Names of 2012 & Men Vs. Women Chores

In the first Host Chat of 2013, Kelly & Michael discussed men vs. female chores and the top dog names of 2012.

Michael Strahan: Top Dog Names of 2012

Did you welcome a precious new pooch into your home this past year? If so, then maybe you chose one of the top dog names of 2012. Here they are!

Top Male Dog Names of 2012

5. Cooper


4. Rocky

3. Charlie

2. Buddy

1. Max

Top Female Dog Names of 2012

5. Lola

4. Molly

3. Lucy

2. Daisy

1. Bella

What do you think? Did your dog’s name make the cut? My dog’s name is Bella, but she’s not named after Bella from Twilight! Isabella, or Bella, is actually a very popular name for children, too. Michael has two girls named Bella in his house.

Kelly Ripa: Men Vs. Women on Flights

Here’s more interesting news on the differences between men and women. On flights, women tend to take up as little space as possible, and prefer the window seat. Men, however, don’t mind stretching out into strangers’ space, and like to sit in the aisle seat.

Of course, that isn’t everyone. Michael actually prefers the window seat because he doesn’t like being hit with the drink cart.

Kelly & Michael: “Catman” Cat Looks Like Batman

Kelly & Michael checked out a picture of the pet that everyone is referring to as “Catman.” He’s a black and white cat that looks exactly like Batman; the bat ears, the steely superhero gaze and all! Kelly was freaked out by the picture, and doesn’t think it’s real. Michael said he would not want to wake up with Catman staring back at him.

If you’re into weird pet news, then you’ll love this, too. Kelly reported that people have now started turning their cremated pets into gems by creating man-made diamonds. It’s even possible for people too. How creepy!

Fall Into the Holidays Travel Trivia: Taylor Lautner

After 15 years of entering Live! trivia, today’s caller finally took home a great prize. She won a trip to the Tanque Verde Guest Ranch in Tucson, Arizona. The Fall Into the Holidays Travel Trivia question was: What sport did Taylor Lautner play when he was young and give up to be an actor? She took a wild guess by answering football, and she was right! An audience member also won a five year Netflix subscription.


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