Kelly & Michael: Tooth Health + Does Apologizing Really Help?


Kelly & Michael: Are Exercise and Alcohol Good or Bad for Your Teeth?

Is exercise bad for your teeth? That’s a weird question. Why would anyone think that? It actually could be bad because it dries out your mouth and causes an alkaline level shift. That might be why there’s so much alkaline water now. However, drinking alcohol is good for your teeth. There are anti-microbial powers that can fight tooth decay and other things, but we drink more alcohol when we exercise. Why? We’ve used all of our willpower to get through our exercise. Instead of a juice bar, they should just have a regular bar at the gym. People like Gelman, who drinks a lot of red wine, have purple teeth though.

Kelly & Michael: Does Apologizing Really Help?

Kelly & Michael: Tooth Health + Does Apologizing Really Help?

Kelly & Michael talked about how exercise is bad for your teeth, but alcohol is good for your teeth. (HitToon.Com /


There are perks to saying your sorry. Apologizing after an argument really does make a difference. It makes you seem more honorable and keeps the weight off of your shoulders. It can really help improve your relationship. That doesn’t seem like news though. Of course apologizing helps and makes things better. That’s why apologizing exists.

Kelly & Michael: Smuggling Turtles

A Canadian man has been found by border agents with over 50 turtles strapped to his body and between his legs. Why? This is hilarious and doesn’t make any sense. Was it a rare turtle? How did he think he’d get away with that?

Time to Smile Travel Trivia: Sofia Vergara

The Time to Smile Travel Trivia dancer was Jason Miner from Evansville, Indiana. He did an amazing job. He was just like MC Hammer. Melodie Behm from Larkspur, California was the contestant. She’s cooking for a dinner party for old high school friends this weekend. She’s making butterfly lamb, shrimp, salad, and orange cake.


Butterfly lamb is lamb with the bone taken out, flattened, and grilled. That made Kelly Ripa & Michael Strahan want to go to her house. She played for the La Playa Beach and Golf Resort in Naples, Florida. It’s valued at $7,700. The question was:

Who did we say Sofia Vergara is dating?

She got it right! She didn’t even hesitate or think about it. She got it right away. Vergara is dating Joe Manganiello. She picked number two for Derek Jeter to get eight place settings of America made fine china from Lennox valued at over $500, which made Kelly & Michael very happy.



  1. Jason says

    I happened to Google my name and came across this article. I was the trivia dancer From Indiana who was apparently like “MC Hammer.” Lol. 🙂

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