Kelly & Michael: Times Square Characters & 80 Degrees In New York


Kelly & Michael: 80 Degrees In New York

Kelly and Michael were back to work after the first beautiful day in New York this season. Kelly spent all day outside, because as she’s said before, people in the northeast treat every nice day like it could be their last – because it could be!

Michael played golf with his friend, Gene Wilson. They each bet $5 dollars a hole, and in the end, Gene won. Later, Michael’s spirits were dampened by a woman in the elevator. When he brought up the beautiful weather, she replied, “It’s not gonna last.” Way to be a Debbie Downer!


Kelly pointed out that there are snowstorms, hailstorms and rainstorms currently hitting the midwest, although she isn’t sure where. Once again, today should hit 80 degrees in New York, but it will return to the 50s by tomorrow. Still, there will be plenty of girls in bikinis in Central Park.

Kelly & Michael: Times Square Characters & 80 Degrees In New York

Kelly & Michael discussed the beautiful New York weather and the creepy costumed characters that roam Times Square. (Gregory James Van Raalte /

Kelly & Michael: Times Square Characters

If you’ve been to Times Square in recent years, you’ve probably seen Disney or Sesame Street characters roaming the sidewalks in search of tips. These “actors,” as some people might call them, dress in (poorly made) costumes and take pictures with tourists. Recently, a two-year-old was shoved by “Cookie Monster” when his mother didn’t pay him fast enough. So how do we get rid of them?


Kelly & Michael discussed this bizarre issue. Technically, the characters aren’t doing anything wrong, and they aren’t street vendors so they don’t need licenses. Still, they are pests to New Yorkers and tourists alike.

For now, the only solution might be to ignore them. Tourists, do not take pictures with these Times Square characters! They’re just plain creepy.

Kelly & Michael: Belgian Chocolate Stamps

While Kelly was on vacation, Michael and guest co-host Erin Andrews learned about chocolate flavored stamps from Belgium. Now, Kelly and Michael had the stamps in their hands and were eager to give them a try.

After a lot of licking, though, the hosts weren’t really tasting anything. Michael gave a few stamps to some audience members, but they didn’t notice a taste, either. As Kelly said, maybe it’s a taste that hits you later?

Michael Strahan: Hooters “Breastaurant”

Have you ever been to Hooters? Twin Peaks? Tilted Kilt? Then you’re supporting the one billion dollar “breastaurant” industry! Apparently, the word “breastaurant” is the official term for these restaurant chains.

Michael used to go to Hooters often when he was in training. He believes that there could be a picture of him at a Hooters in Virginia. If you know where that picture is, send it in to Live!

Michael Strahan: New York Knicks Atlantic Division Title

Michael congratulated the New York Knicks on their first division title in 19 years. It was the team’s 13th straight victory. Michael showed off a picture of Carmelo Anthony celebrating from the newspaper.

Kelly Ripa: Honest Carlos

A Brazilian immigrant in Boston has earned the nickname “Honest Carlos” after finding more than $20,000 in the hollowed-out pages of a book. Carlos won’t keep the money until he searches for the owner and makes sure the money doesn’t belong to anyone else. If this is your book, then you should claim it now. I’m hoping that Carlos gets to keep the money, though.

March Into Spring Travel Trivia: Alexander Skarsgard

Caller Rebecca won a trip to the Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort in St. Lucia, plus a $1,000 T.J. Maxx gift certificate “wild prize,” by answering the following March Into Spring Travel Trivia question: Which college did Alexander Skarsgard briefly attend in New York City? The answer is Marymount. An audience member also took home a $500 Calphalon gift card.


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