Kelly & Michael: Tim Tebow & iPhone 5 Release Day


Kelly Ripa: Curriculum Night

As Kelly & Michael sat down at their glow-in-the-dark desk to begin Live with Kelly & Michael, Kelly Ripa was still tired from attending curriculum night at her son’s school the night before. Kelly’s oldest son, Michael, is now in high school, so she and Mark got to walk through his freshman year schedule. They were there until 10:30 p.m., and Kelly was so hungry, that she began eating her finger nails.

Michael Strahan: Apple Store iPhone 5 Line

Kelly & Michael: Tim Tebow & iPhone 5 Release Day

Kelly & Michael weighed in on Tim Tebow’s perfect girl on September 21. (Helga Esteb /


Michael Strahan was awoken this morning to the sound of a crowd below his window; he thought that there were protests happening, but in fact, it was the line at the Apple Store which had wrapped around the block. Finally, people who have been waiting in line for days can get their hands on the brand new iPhone.

The iPhone 5 is so unbelievably popular, that people had even begun selling their places in line for profit. A man in Chicago had sold his spot for $1,000. Like Michael, I think I’ll wait for the mania to subside before I try to get my hands on a new iPhone.

Kelly & Michael: Tim Tebow Wants A Girl With “Servant’s Heart”

Kelly & Michael had recently joked about football player Tim Tebow being set up with an audience member on the show. Now, thanks to a recent interview in Vogue Magazine, we know a bit more about the type of girl that the bachelor is looking for. Tim has revealed that the future Mrs. Tebow will be good-looking and generous, as well as “sweet and kind with a servant’s heart.”


A “servant’s heart?” Kelly & Michael both wondered what that is supposed to mean. Someone to bring him coffee? Kelly thought perhaps, a Hooter’s waitress. Kelly polled the audience. “Does anyone up there have a servant’s heart?” There were a few takers, and Kelly told them, “You’re still in the running towards becoming the next Mrs. Tim Tebow.”

Kelly & Michael: No Smiling on New Jersey Licenses

Good thing Kelly Ripa is now a New York resident, because smiling on New Jersey licenses has recently been banned. Expressions, like smiling, interfere with facial recognition software that helps catch identity thieves. Michael pointed out that in his case, his smile (and its signature gap) is more recognizable than his face.

Kelly & Michael: Kate Middleton Look-a-Like

There is a 32-year-old  woman in England that bears such an uncanny resemblance to Kate Middleton that she has now become a professional look-a-like. She was previously working a minimum wage job, but now gets paid to dress up like the Duchess. Not a bad gig!

A side-by-side photo revealed that there is a true resemblance between the women. “I think the only way to tell would be to see them both topless,” Kelly joked.

Endless Summer Trivia: Archie Panjabi

Actress Archie Panjabi is now a New Yorker, but she is originally from England. A caller identified Archie’s home country during Endless Summer Trivia, and won herself a great trip to the Smuggler’s Cove Resort & Spa in St. Lucia. Plus, an audience member won a set of Lenox china.


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