Kelly & Michael: Teaching Your Teen to Drive Do’s and Don’ts


Kelly & Michael: Boy Scout

Jack Daly, a 17-year-old Boy Scout, ran into his Bronx building to help a 74-year-old neighbor and a 1-year-old when the building caught fire. He received the Honor Medal, and he’s going to be an Eagle Scout. He lives on the top floor, but he ran back in.

Kelly & Michael: Teaching Your Teen To Drive

Kelly & Michael: Teaching Your Teen to Drive Do's and Don'ts

Kelly & Michael shared a few words of advice for parents teaching their teens how to drive. (Lisa F. Young /


There are Do’s and Don’ts for parents teaching kids to drive. Kelly helped teach her son to drive, but she also had some help. Michael had help too. Don’t bring up sticky issues when your teen is driving, like poor grades or how you feel about their girlfriend or boyfriend. Don’t describe what’s wrong in sweeping terms. Don’t panic and slam your foot into the imaginary break.

Kelly & Michael: World Series

Baseball is in the air. Game one of the World Series was October 21. The San Francisco Giants won 7-1 against the Kansas City Royals. There was a two-run homer in the first inning. Game two is October 22.

Kelly & Michael: St. Jude’s

Michael’s trainer went to Memphis for Memfit because it’s one of the most unhealthy cities. They also went to St. Jude’s and they met a kid that Michael had met when he did a commercial. He has such a big personality. He’s back at the hospital. This is his fifth time battling cancer. He’s about 16 now. Michael talked to him the other day and he’s in good spirits.


Time to Smile Travel Trivia: Keanu Reeves

The Time to Smile Travel Trivia dancer was Susan Glenny from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. The contestant was Brenda Stewart from Longbow Lake, Ontario. She was really nervous. She was standing in front of some beautiful flowers in her picture. And she just celebrated her 40th anniversary with her husband. She got married when she was 18. They had a big party for their anniversary. She spent under $1000 on her wedding. She played for the Buccaneer in St. Croix. It’s valued at $7,100. The question was:

Where did we say Keanu Reeves lived for 7 months while filming a movie?

She got it right! It was China. She was dancing in her chair. She picked #40 to get a five-year subscription to Netflix with a digital streaming device valued at more than $500.


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