Kelly & Michael: Stress On Valentine’s Day & The Harlem Shake


Kelly Ripa: Outfit By Whit & Maison Michel

On Day Two of Live’s own New York Fashion Week, Kelly Ripa wore a blouse and leather skirt by Whit and a hat by Maison Michel. Kelly loved that the hat covered her roots. The audience members were looking pretty festive, too; since it’s Fat Tuesday, many of them were outfitted in mardi gras beads and feather boas.

Kelly & Michael: The Harlem Shake

Kelly & Michael: Stress On Valentine's Day & The Harlem Shake

Kelly & Michael tried out the latest viral video sensation, The Harlem Shake, and discussed the stress of planning a great Valentine’s Day.


Do you know what the Harlem Shake is? Well, you’re about to? Move over, Gangnam Style, because the Harlem Shake is the latest viral video dance craze. It begins when one person in a large group starts to dance, and ends when everyone in the room is going totally crazy.

Kelly & Michael wanted to make their own Harlem Shake moment happen, so Michael started and the audience later joined in. Even Art Moore got his shake on. Gelman, however, refused to let loose. What do you think of this new viral sensation?

Kelly & Michael: Snowstorm Nemo Aftermath

Snowstorm Nemo hit New York City this past weekend, however, it didn’t leave as big an impact as first expected. On the other hand, Long Island, Connecticut, and surrounding areas are still dealing with Nemo’s aftermath.


Michael read about people being stranded in their cars on the Long Island Expressway, and in Suffolk County 33 inches of snow had fallen. 33 inches! Unfortunately, many people are still stranded in their homes and working on digging themselves out.

Kelly & Michael wanted to send their thoughts to everyone in these areas, and to let them know that we haven’t forgotten them. In New York City, the only real aftermath is the gross snow banks that pile up from the plows. That, and snow rats.

Michael Strahan: Stress on Valentine’s Day

Most people believe that single people experience more stress on Valentine’s Day, but for Michael Strahan, all the pressure falls on him. Even though Nicole tells him otherwise, he still feels like he has to go above and beyond in planning the perfect date each year.

Michael asked Kelly whether women prefer small gestures throughout the year, or one big gesture on Valentine’s Day. But Kelly only has one wish from her husband, Mark: “I want him to put the toilet seat down.”

Kelly & Michael: Gambling In Hotel Rooms

Kelly isn’t a big gambler, except for one time that she went with Neil Patrick Harris. Now, Las Vegas hotels will have a “Betting the House” program that will allow guests to gamble from their hotel rooms. Somehow, the topic switched from baccarat and blackjack to the film An Indecent Proposal. I’ve never seen that movie, and I don’t think any of the audience members have, either.

Blizzard to Beach Trivia: Jane Lynch

Gerald from Youngstown, New York won a trip to the La Playa Beach Club in Naples, Florida, when he answered the Blizzard to Beach Trivia question: From what college did Jane Lynch receive an honorary doctorate degree? The answer is Smith College. An audience member also won a $500 gift certificate to Bed Bath & Beyond.


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