Kelly & Michael: Saturday Night Live Parody & Chuy The Dog


Michael Strahan: Daughters Isabella and Sophia

It was a very special day on Live! with Kelly and Michael as Michael Strahan’s adorable twin daughters, Isabella and Sophia, were visiting their dad on the set. When the girls come to stay with their dad, they stay for about a month. Michael has already taken them shopping around New York, and with two twin seven-year-olds, that is no easy task!

Michael also complained about the current state of replacement referees in the NFL. Apparently, he’s not a fan. Poor Kelly tried to follow (as did I)… but there’s no keeping up with a football pro like Michael Strahan!


Kelly & Michael: Saturday Night Live Parody & Chuy The Dog

Kelly brought her adorable dog, Chuy, to work on Kelly & Michael September 25. (Helga Esteb /

Kelly Ripa: Dog Nurses Cat

Kelly had attended curriculum night, this time for her daughter’s sixth grade class. She noted how different, and incredibly dedicated, teachers are now compared to when she was young. They will email just to check in on an assignment and check up on their students. When Kelly was a kid, if you saw or heard from your teacher anywhere else but school, it was “like seeing a unicorn.”

Kelly also shared a video of a Minnesota dog who began producing milk to nurse a stray kitten. The dog had not had puppies for two years, but adopted the kitten as her own. “I don’t know whether to say ‘awww,’ or ‘ughh!’” Michael said. It may be a little weird, but the dog and the kitten were pretty cute.


Kelly & Michael: Saturday Night Live Parody

This past weekend, Kelly & Michael were parodied in a new sketch on Saturday Night Live. It was very well done, and very funny. Michael thought that Jay Pharaoh did a great job impersonating him– gap-toothed smile and all! Plus, you know what they say; you haven’t made it until they’re making fun of you on Saturday Night Live.

Kelly & Michael: Strahan Gap Club

Kelly said that Michael’s gap has become his signature, and that so many people love it. She suggested starting a “Strahan Gap Club” for the show.

Kelly Ripa: Chuy the Dog

It’s Bow Wow week on Live, which means that everyone’s favorite pooches will be celebrated. Kelly welcomed her dog, a five-year-old Shih Tzu named Chuy. She was actually rescued by the Consuelos family after an appearance on the show. But first, Michael read some staggering statistics on what people actually spend on their pets, from $20.5 billion on pet food a year to $4.1 billion on grooming and boarding.

Chuy came out to see her mama, and she even performed a few tricks. She’s very cute!


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