Kelly & Michael: Remembering Annette Funicello & Margaret Thatcher


Kelly & Michael: John Cena Surprise

There were some very enthusiastic Giants fans in the audience to welcome Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan for Tuesday’s show. Kelly had a very fun dinner party last night with her dear friend, the former executive producer of Hope & Faith. Things were pretty funny from the start, but when they opened two bottles of wine, “everything got funnier,” Kelly admitted.

First, Kelly & Michael took a moment to relive yesterday’s John Cena surprise, because they still couldn’t get over it! They shared a clip for anyone who missed the episode. Gelman revealed that he wasn’t even sure if John was coming until the very last minute. He showed up just a second before he walked onto the set.


Kelly was disappointed that they didn’t get to wrestle. Her plan was to stun John with confetti, “spider monkey” him and then have Michael hit him from behind. Maybe next time.

Kelly & Michael: Remembering Annette Funicello & Margaret Thatcher

Kelly & Michael discussed their John Cena surprise, Nutella thieves and the passing of both Margaret Thatcher and Annette Funicello. (David Fowler /

Kelly & Michael: 80 Degrees In New York

Producer Art Moore is back at Live, and just in time for the beautiful weather; it could reach over 80 degrees in New York! Finally! Michael plans on going golfing later today, and Kelly suggested doing it in a speedo.


Michael Strahan: Hip Surgery Leads To Better Love Life

Kelly injured her hip a while ago, but she chose not to undergo surgery. Now, she’s regretting that decision. A new study has shown that a new hip or knee leads to a better love life. I don’t think we needed a study to tell us that, though. People who have hips and/or knees replaced have less pain and more mobility.

Kelly Ripa: Hospital Alarms

It seems that everything in hospitals has a loud, beeping alarm, even just the heart rate monitors. Now, hospitals are trying to make the devices quieter, because doctors and nurses are becoming immune to the sounds. I don’t like the sound of that! Michael suggested they change the alarms to songs so that you know something’s really serious.

Michael Strahan: Louisville NCAA Champions

Michael congratulated Louisville for becoming the NCAA Tournament Champions. After Kevin Ware’s horrific injury made headlines all across the country, his team came out on top. Congratulations on the amazing victory!

Kelly & Michael: Remembering Annette Funicello & Margaret Thatcher

In sad news, the world lost two cultural icons yesterday: Annette Funicello and Margaret Thatcher. Annette Funicello, who was just 70, lost her long battle with multiple sclerosis. Kelly’s friend Eva LaRue portrayed Annette in a television movie and had great memories of getting to know the TV icon.

Former British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was an iconic figure for women in politics. Michael remembered one of her great quotes: “If you want something said, call a man. If you want something done, call a woman.”

Kelly Ripa: Nutella Thieves In Europe

Kelly made the smooth segue from a very sad topic to one of her very favorite topics: Nutella. Apparently, Nutella has become a pretty hot commodity in the world. German thieves have swiped five tons of Nutella, a loot worth 20,710 U.S. dollars. This begs the question, “what are they doing with the Nutella?” They certainly aren’t eating it!

I really don’t get it. In Europe, as well in the U.S, Nutella is readily available in all grocery stores. Why do people feel the need to create an illegal Nutella trafficking trade? Maybe it’s all just an elaborate prank. What do you think?

Michael Strahan: Ferrets Sold As Poodles

Here’s a story that had Michael in stitches. A man from Buenos Aires, Argentina bought what he believed to be two poodle puppies. However, when he took them to the vet, he realized they were actually ferrets. The ferrets had been given steroids, as well as what looked like a perm, and sold as dogs. The picture of the ferret was truly hysterical. Kelly believed it was suffering from roid rage.

March Into Spring Travel Trivia: Jordana Brewster

Caller Luann won a trip to the La Playa Beach Club in Naples, Florida, by answering the March Into Spring Travel Trivia question: On what daytime drama did Jordana Brewster have her first acting job? The answer is All My Children. An audience member also won a gift card to Omaha Steaks.


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