Kelly & Michael: Reese Witherspoon Baby Boy & Bow Wow Week


Kelly & Michael: Congratulations Reese Witherspoon

Kelly & Michael started their show with a big congratulations to actress Reese Witherspoon. On September 27 2012, Reese gave birth to a baby boy named Tennessee James. He’s the third child for the actress, and the first with her new husband Jim Toth; Reese also has daughter Ava and son Deacon from her previous marriage to Ryan Phillipe. Baby Tennessee is named in honor of Reese’s home state.

Michael and Kelly both agreed that Reese and Jim are two of the nicest people they know. So congratulations to the happy family!


Kelly & Michael: New Show Opening

Kelly & Michael: Reese Witherspoon Baby Boy & Bow Wow Week

Kelly & Michael congratulated actress Reese Witherspoon on her new baby boy, Tennessee. (Jaguar PS /

Kelly & Michael spent yesterday shooting a new opening piece for the show on the streets of New York. Kelly pointed out how difficult it is to walk down the street with “one of the most famous people ever.” Michael said he only gets recognized because he’s taller than everyone else and has a big gap in his smile!

Kelly said that she was called “Regis,” “Kathie Lee,” and even “Chelsea Handler.” Also, the public somehow decided that the hosts’ trailer was open for business; Kelly guessed that more people used their bathroom than the Starbucks on the corner.


Kelly & Michael: Pole Dancing Championships

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Well, the Pole Dancing Championships are being held September 29 on the Upper West Side! The top prize is $5,000 dollars, which Kelly called “a heck of a tip.” Kelly has never taken a pole-dancing class, although they have become popular as a form of exercise in recent years.

Pole-dancing not your thing? You can also head to Bryant Park, where herds of sheep will be hanging out for the weekend. Kids will probably love it, but one kid who won’t is Kelly’s son He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. A “petting zoo incident” that occurred when he was a toddler has burdened him with a life-long fear of sheep and goats (he must be so happy his mom revealed that to the entire country).

Kelly & Michael: Elvis Eclipsed By Lil’ Wayne

Bad news for Elvis: he may be a rock n’ roll legend, but the late singer has been surpassed by rapper Lil’ Wayne for most appearances on the Billboard 100 chart. Lil Wayne has 109 while Evil has 108.

But what’s even worse? The Glee cast holds the number one spot with 204 appearances. Kelly finds it disturbing that whenever she plays a classic song by the original artist, Lola will say, “That’s from Glee!” But Michael finds it nice that at least classic music is being appreciated by the younger generation.

Kelly & Michael: Staten Island Ferris Wheel

Staten Island will soon be home to the world’s largest ferris wheel, which is set to begin construction in 2014. This is fun news for New Yorkers, who can grab the ferry from Manhattan and enjoy spectacular views of the city.  Kelly thought that the new ferris wheel will be a great place for marriage proposals to go down.. or shall I say, up.

Endless Summer Trivia: Sara Ramirez

The Endless Summer Trivia question was: on what date did Sara Ramirez get married? The answer was the Fourth of July, and a caller won a great trip to the Morgan Bay Beach Resort in St. Lucia when she answered correctly. Plus, an audience member won a five-year Netflix subscription.

Kelly & Michael: Bow Wow Week Dog Tricks

Plus, Bow Wow Week concluded with some impressive dog tricks. Lee stopped by with her dog, Katie, who is a canine math whiz. When asked to answer “two times two,” Katie gave Lee four high-fives. “I think I found a tutor for the kids!” Michael said.

Kelly & Michael also met Rosie and Marbles, a pair of dogs who love to hug and kiss, and Dot’s dog Nicky, who can take a bow.


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