Kelly & Michael: Randy Jackson Co-Host & Kobe Bryant Ruptured Achilles


Kelly & Michael: Guest Co-Host Randy Jackson

With Michael Strahan away on a well-deserved vacation, American Idol judge Randy Jackson filled in as guest co-host on Live! with Kelly & Michael. Kelly Ripa jumped right into her Nicki Minaj impression, and later showed Randy a clip from Live’s Halloween show. Kelly was dressed as Nicki, Michael as Randy, Gelman as Keith Urban and Art Moore as Mariah Carey. Randy thought that Michael looked more like Flavor Flav.

Kelly & Michael: Randy Jackson Co-Host & Kobe Bryant Ruptured Achilles

Kelly and guest co-host Randy Jackson discussed Kobe Bryant’s recent injury and other news. (s_bukley /


Kelly Ripa: Tax Day

Have you filed your taxes yet? April 15 is tax day, and Kelly said that Mark handles most of their finances. He went to business school, and he’s “always ahead of the curve.” Almost everyone in the audience said they’d already filed, or at least filed for an extension!

Randy Jackson: Kobe Bryant Ruptured Achilles

Randy Jackson is a big Los Angeles Lakers fan, so he was devastated by the news that Kobe Bryant will be out for 6-9 months with an injury. The superstar player has a ruptured Achilles. Randy wished Kobe a speedy recovery.

Kelly Ripa: Orphans Review

Over the weekend, Kelly went to see Orphans starring Alec Baldwin, Ben Foster and Tom Sturridge. She thought the play was well-acted and would highly recommend it. 15 years ago, Mark performed in Orphans, so the material was very familiar to Kelly.


Randy asked Kelly if she’s the type of person who tweets or texts in the theater. She actually isn’t a big tweeter (except when it comes to pictures of martinis). That’s probably a good thing, because a new study from the University of Winnipeg has found that frequent texters or tweeters are considered very shallow.

Randy Jackson: Adam Scott Wins Masters

In other sports news, Randy announced that Adam Scott became the first Australian to win the Masters Tournament. Kelly said that Mark watched it all day. There was a bit of controversy surrounding the fact that Adam shared a caddy with Tiger Woods. Tiger hasn’t won the Masters since 2005.

Kelly Ripa: Jonny Lee Miller Charity Run

Elementary star Jonny Lee Miller is an incredible marathon runner and recently ran the New York marathon in “like three hours,” according to Kelly. Now, Jonny has plans to run a “50 mile ultra-marathon” for charity. He’s looking for sponsors for the run, which will benefit a children’s charity. Both Kelly and Randy were very impressed and are planning on donating.

Kelly Ripa: Top Teacher Search

Kelly also reminded everyone to vote for their favorite top teacher. The deadline is today! Soon, we’ll meet the incredible finalists of Live’s Top Teacher Search.

March Into Spring Travel Trivia: David Hyde Pierce

Caller Brenda won a trip to the Tanque Verde Guest Ranch in Tucson, Arizona by answering the following March Into Spring Travel Trivia question: What did David Hyde Pierce say was his favorite movie? The answer is The Godfather. Plus, an audience member won a set of Lenox china.


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