Kelly and Michael Oscars: Jonah Hill, Juliette Lewis & Amy Adams


Live’s Pre-Oscar Celebration

It was a black-tie morning for Kelly & Michael as they got everyone prepared for a big weekend in movies. The hosts will be broadcasting live from the Oscar stage the morning after the Academy Awards, Monday, March 3.

Kelly Ripa will be spending her third consecutive year backstage, where she will ambush the winners who have just come off the stage, when they are in a great mood and ready to talk. Michael Strahan is doing his second year of duty on the red carpet before the show. He said he gets nervous about what questions he should ask. You can submit your own questions via Kelly and Michael’s Facebook page.


Kelly and Michael Oscars: Jonah Hill & Kate Hudson

Kelly and Michael Oscars: Jonah Hill, Juliette Lewis & Amy Adams

The Kelly and Michael Oscars pre-show special included Academy Award memories from stars like Jonah Hill, Amy Adams, Juliette Lewis, Matt Damon, and more. (Joe Seer /

Are you going to be watching the Oscars this year? Can you believe it has been 85 years of movie celebrations? Stars shared their favorite Oscar memories with Kelly and Michael. Jonah Hill recalled taking his mom to the awards.

Kate Hudson said that her friend Stella McCartney volunteered to make her a dress. The look did not quite come together for her, and before she knew it, she was voted Worst Dressed. However, she still said she had a lot of fun.


Kelly & Michael Academy Awards: Juliette Lewis & Emma Thompson

Juliette Lewis was first nominated at around age 19, and she called the experience overwhelming. She wore a vintage 1920s dress and put together her own look. For whatever reason, she chose to put her hair in cornrows.

Emma Thompson also got to take her mother to the Oscars, but her mom’s dress had a train, which people kept stepping on. Though her mom kept being slightly choked, it was always by famous people, who would say hello or at least apologize.

Kelly and Michael Oscars: Amy Adams, Jennifer Connelly & Matt Damon

Amy Adams once sang at the Oscars, and she received a compliment from Cate Blanchett about her performance. Mark Wahlberg’s first trip was for The Departed, and he said that his father consider this moment as him having made it in the business.

Jennifer Connelly went with her father to the awards for A Beautiful Mind, when she won. He got plenty of screen time during that broadcast, which he seemed to enjoy.

One year, Matt Damon got was watching the Oscars at home with Ben Affleck. Just a year later, the two of them were there as a part of the show, nominated for for Good Will Hunting, and they won! “It’s taken me probably 15 years to unpack that whole experience,” he said.

Do you have a favorite Oscar memory?


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