Kelly & Michael: Oscar Ballot Results, Los Angeles Rain + Up All Night


Kelly and Michael: Oscars Up All Night

“It’s good to be home,” Kelly Ripa said to open the show as she and Michael Strahan returned to the studio following the Academy Awards. “We’ve lost our voices. We have blisters on our toes.”

Michael claimed that he did not lose his voice, but he said late nights and not going to sleep before Monday’s live show might have been a mistake. Kelly said they were tempted by young Hollywood stars who can get by without sleep.


Kelly & Michael: Oscar Ballot Results, Los Angeles Rain + Up All Night

Kelly and Michael recalled their fun but rainy weekend in Los Angeles, where they covered the Academy Awards in style. Who had the better Oscar ballot?

The hosts agreed that it was amazing to see an audience of thousands, who lined up early in the morning to see the show and were so warmly receptive. Michael also tried to claim that the two of them stayed up and went partying as research for the show.

In addition, the production team stays up all night, putting in 24 hours to make that show its very best. However, those hard-working producers got a Tuesday off and have yet to make it back from LA.


Kelly & Michael: Los Angeles Rain

Kelly Ripa did not know what to do about the emptiness of Los Angeles when the Live! team arrived. The rain drove locals into hiding, and she could not believe that restaurants were abandoned.

Though it rained through most of the weekend, the sun came out just in time for Kelly and Michael to leave town. When they wrapped up the show and their job duties for the morning, it was only 8 a.m., and it was time to fly back home.

The duo also recalled scarfing down In & Out double cheeseburgers, thanks to Good Morning America, in the wee hours of the morning, before going on the air. They now agree that was not their best idea.

Kelly and Michael: Oscar Ballot Results

How were the results on Kelly & Michael’s Oscar ballots? Michael admitted that he guessed, and he got 11 out of 24 correct, just like he did in school, or so he claimed. Kelly, on the other hand, racked up 22 out of 24 answers, though she doesn’t remember making some of the choices. Michael offered Kelly a chicken wing dinner as a prize, but he declined.

Kelly regretted not making a bet with Michael on the results of their poll. Meanwhile, in the best dressed category, Live! viewers chose Sandra Bullock and Alexander McQueen. Who was your pick for best dressed on the red carpet?


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