Kelly & Michael: Original Harlem Shake & Jimmy Kimmel Oscars Host?


Michael Strahan: New York-Los Angeles Commute

Happy Friday! Both Kelly and Michael were glad it was almost the weekend, and they’re looking forward to a bit of downtime after a very busy couple of weeks. For the first time in a long time, Michael isn’t working on the weekend, and won’t have to fly to Los Angeles to tape his FOX NFL Sunday show. What will he do with all his free time?

Kelly suggested clubbing all night, then sleeping all day. She was impressed that her co-host managed to travel back and forth between New York and Los Angeles so often and never got cranky or unpleasant to be around. Michael said that when you love what you do, it’s not work at all – even a cross-country commute!


Kelly & Michael: Original Harlem Shake & Jimmy Kimmel Oscars Host?

Kelly & Michael discussed Jimmy Kimmel as next year’s Oscars host and the original Harlem Shake video. (Featureflash /

Kelly & Michael: Jimmy Kimmel Oscars Host?

The Academy Awards were just this past Sunday, but already, the press is on the hunt for next year’s host. Shortly after rumors began to swirl about Tina Fey, the next name being considered is Jimmy Kimmel. I think Jimmy would do an amazing job and has just the right sort of humor for hosting the Oscars. What would you think of Jimmy Kimmel Oscars host?

Or, how about a couple of up-and-comers named Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan? Kelly said that she would “die of a heart attack.” On the other hand, Michael thinks they could do it. Not that they would be asked, because it’s a rumor that Gelman started himself. But you never know!


Kelly & Michael: Duck Dynasty Ratings

Duck Dynasty recently became the most-watched program in cable history and provided A&E with its highest ratings ever. Who knew that a show about duck callers would be such a giant hit? Are you a Duck Dynasty fan?

The show’s success made Kelly and Michael wish that they could invent something and have their own reality show. After some brainstorming, Kelly decided that she wanted to invent removable implants. This way, she can give her outfits a boost – literally – but it wouldn’t have to be permanent.

Kelly & Michael: Dennis Rodman and Kim Jong Un “Bromance”

This next story has to be the weirdest of the week. Dennis Rodman and dictator Kim Jong Un have been spotted hanging out all around North Korea. Recently, they were spotted at a Harlem Globetrotters game looking like the best of friends. After the game, they both headed back to the palace to feast on sushi and listen to the theme from Dallas play over and over again. Are we sure this isn’t a joke?

Michael thinks this entire thing is P.R. stunt and that Dennis is getting money for his appearances. Regardless, wouldn’t it be fun to be a fly on the wall at the palace?

Kelly & Michael: Original Harlem Shake Video

Kelly and Michael checked out the latest Harlem Shake video made by college kids on an airplane. One kid even wore a banana costume. Kelly wondered when he changed into the costume. Or did he go through airport security like that?

Michael also shared a video of some Harlem Shake dancers from back in the day. The original Harlem Shake was a lot more subtle and looked a lot less like “convulsions.” When he and Kelly decided to create another Live! Harlem Shake video, the audience went nuts. Even Gelman joined in this time!

Michael Strahan: Ginny Blackmore “Bones”

Before beginning the show, Michael wanted to acknowledge his friend Ginny Blackmore, a singer-songwriter who was visiting the show. Ginny is a rising singer who Michael believes is about to hit it very big. He admitted that one of her songs, “Bones,” gives him the chills.



  1. Susan Fenberg says

    Does Jenny Blackmore have a cd? Love new artists!! Thanks for sharing Michael! Enjoy Live every morn! Thanks for all the laughter! You got me through the blizzard in Amarillo,Tx:)

  2. courtney hennagir says

    i think her name is actually Ginny. i looked her up because i was wanting to hear the song and found her under that name.great song!

  3. says

    Where can I find the song by Jenny Blackmore “Bones”? I searched and checked iTunes to no avail. More information wouldne nice!


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