Kelly & Michael: NY Cigarette Ban Anniversary & Erin Andrews Boyfriend


Erin Andrews Boyfriend Jarret Stoll

Michael was joined by his fellow Fox Sports colleague Erin Andrews as guest co-host on Live! with Kelly & Michael. On Monday, Kelly Ripa will return to her hosting seat, but in the meantime, Erin and Michael had fun dishing about their co-workers, the latest news and Erin’s love life.

When Michael asked Erin, “how’s your love life?” out of the blue, she shared details on her new boyfriend and the matchmaker that brought them together. “It’s good, thanks to Michael Strahan!” she revealed. Last year, while Erin was working the World Series, she received a text from Michael asking permission to give her number to a guy. The guy turned out to be Los Angeles Kings player Jarret Stoll, and he and Erin are now in a happy relationship. Recently, the couple took things to “the next level.” No, they aren’t engaged, but Erin did use his nose hair trimmers. How romantic!


Kelly & Michael: NY Cigarette Ban Anniversary & Erin Andrews Boyfriend

Who is Erin Andrews dating? The Fox sportscaster revealed her new boyfriend’s identity on Live! with Kelly & Michael. (Helga Esteb /

Michael Strahan: New York Cigarette Ban 20 Year Anniversary

Michael reminded everyone that it’s been 20 years since cigarettes were banned in bars and restaurants in New York City. Both Erin and Michael remember a time when a night out would have you smelling like smoke. Now, those days feel like ancient history.

While the ban was controversial at the time, the statistics are now speaking for themselves. There have been 10,000 fewer premature smoking-related deaths since 2002. Plus, the smoking rate among adults is down, and life expectancy is up.


Erin Andrews: Powerball Winners Include Co-Worker

Erin shared a truly great, generous story. You know how co-workers often all chip in for a lottery ticket? One office actually won the big prize, but one of their co-workers hadn’t gone in on the ticket. However, they decided to give her an equal piece of the pie anyway.

Michael said that Jay Glazer once pranked Howie Long with a fake lottery ticket for Christmas, and he actually believed he had won. Instead of keeping it for himself, though, he handed it to an assistant and said “Merry Christmas.” Michael and Erin agreed that Howie is the nicest, most generous guy ever.

Michael Strahan: Rent-a-Mourner

Do you ever think about your own death? If you were to die, how many people would come to your funeral? Erin thinks about that often, actually, while death doesn’t ever cross Michael’s mind. It’s a pretty morbid topic, but if you’d like to hire mourners for your own funeral, now you can! A British company called Rent-a-Mourner will charge you “$45 for two hours of weeping.” I’m with Erin on this one – you’re dead, so who cares?!

Michael Strahan: Belgian Chocolate Stamps

Michael asked Gelman if he could get some Belgian chocolate stamps for the show. The stamps are supposed to taste like real chocolate, but Erin’s pretty skeptical. What I’m wondering is, do they contain calories? Because if not, you could just mail a few letters after dinner instead of eating dessert!

March Into Spring Travel Trivia: Dwayne Johnson

Caller Kathy won a trip to the Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort and Spa in St. Lucia – plus a “wild prize” gift card to T.J. Maxx – by answering the following question: What award did Dwayne Johnson recently win? The answer is Kids’ Choice Award for Best Butt Kicker. Also, an audience member won a $500 gift certificate to Fandango.


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