Kelly & Michael: New York Fashion Week, Valentine’s Day & Pope Resigns


Kelly Ripa: Diane Von Furstenburg New York Fashion Week

Kelly & Michael walked the runway to begin their show and to kick off New York fashion week. Kelly was sporting one of her favorite designers, Diane Von Furstenburg, whose clothes are well-made and fit her like a glove. Kelly wore a black-and-white printed sheath dress from Diane’s collection.

Michael Strahan: Celebrity Spotting at Cecconi’s West Hollywood

Although fashion week is now in full swing, New York City was pretty much shut down over the weekend. Luckily, Michael missed the giant snowstorm by escaping to Los Angeles. He held a Grammy showcase for singer-songwriter Jenny Blackmore, and later enjoyed some celebrity spotting. At Cecconi’s restaurant in West Hollywood, Michael ran into Jennifer Lopez, Swizz Beats, and Nas, among others. He also bumped into Faith Hill on her way out of the gym.


However, Michael and Nicole are “too old” for the celebrity scene in Los Angeles. By Saturday night, they were both in bed around 9 PM.

Kelly Ripa: “Snow Rat” Discovery

Kelly & Michael: New York Fashion Week, Valentine's Day & Pope Resigns

Kelly & Michael chatted about New York Fashion Week, the weekend snowstorm and Valentine’s Day. (Antonin Oparin /

Kelly, on the other hand, braved the multiple inches of snow and ice at home. However, that didn’t stop her from hitting the gym. On her way home from an early morning SoulCycle class, she noticed a giant rat bounding through the snow beside her. While rat sightings aren’t all that unusual in New York City, this one was “running like a siberian husky.”


The rat was having such a good time, in fact, that Kelly found him kind of cute. She referred to him as “the snow rat.” Maybe she’s discovered an entire new species!

Kelly & Michael: Valentine’s Day Celebrations

Valentine’s Day is coming up, but not everyone celebrates on the 14th. 3.4% of couples celebrate the day before, 34.4% celebrate on the actual day, and 30.4% celebrate the weekend after. Like many couples who’ve been married for a long time, Kelly & Mark spend their Valentine’s Day doing something fun with their children.

How much should someone spend on a Valentine’s gift? If you agree with Kelly, then not a lot. 22.2% of people spend less than $25 on a gift. In fact, Kelly, and many of the women in the audience, said they’d rather receive a heartfelt card than an expensive ring.

However, the day after Valentine’s Day is the most popular day to sign up for Ashley Madison, a site where people can find extramarital affairs. Maybe it’s because they’re disappointed with their gifts!

Kelly & Michael: Pope is Resigning

For the first time in 600 years, the Pope is stepping down. Pope Benedict has announced that he will end his reign as head of the Roman Catholic Church at the end of this month, and a new Pope will be chosen in March. At 85 years old, the Pope has said that he’s “physically unable” to carry on his duties. Kelly wondered if he made any announcements on Twitter?



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