Kelly & Michael: Mr. Perfect, New Rules for Dating, & Nas Hospitalized


Kelly & Michael: Physical Fitness Week

Kelly Ripa works out every single day, but she was extra sore during Host Chat. Next week is Live’s Physical Fitness Week, so yesterday, cameras joined Kelly at the gym to tape her workout. For some reason, having cameras (and Gelman) watching her made Kelly more fatigued than usual. She even begged Gelman to call 911, but he ignored her.

Later on, Kelly had a real emergency to deal with. There was a giant fire outside of her apartment building, which was very scary to sit by and watch. However, Kelly said that the NYC police and firefighters handled the situation like the true champs they are. She feels very lucky to be a New Yorker.


Kelly & Michael: Mr. Perfect, New Rules for Dating, & Nas Hospitalized

Kelly & Michael discussed the new rules for dating and the qualifications for Mr. Perfect, who according to women, should have green eyes, brown hair and lots of money!

Michael Strahan: El Toro Blanco Restaurant Review

Michael had a bit more fun during his night out. He visited El Toro Blanco, a new Mexican restaurant that he said was delicious. Afterwards, he and Nicole went to a bar called Groove NYC. The live band, Renard, had Michael dancing all night – and forgetting that he had work early in the morning!

Kelly & Michael: “Mr. Perfect” Qualifications

Kelly & Michael discussed an interesting poll that discovered every woman’s “Mr. Perfect.” 9,345 women were polled, and here are the qualifications they agreed upon. Mr. Perfect has:

  • green eyes
  • brown hair
  • an athletic build
  • makes $150,000- 200,000 or more
  • holds a graduate degree
  • drinks but doesn’t smoke

As Kelly said, “That sounds about right!”

Kelly Ripa: New 21st Century Dating Rules

If you’re still searching for your own Mr. Perfect, then Kelly also had some interesting news to share. The woman who created The Rules, her tried and tested guides to dating, has updated her guidelines for the 21st Century. Kelly read some of these new rules for dating, so single girls, pay attention:

  • Never Facebook, email or text a man first. If a man is interested, he will contact you.
  • Never respond to a text right away. Young women should text back after 30 minutes, older women should wait up to four hours.
  • Never email a guy after midnight.
  • Never Facebook friend request his friends or family.
  • NO “inappropriate” texting – ever!

Michael also had some very helpful words of advice to share from a male perspective. He said that men enjoy “a little mystery,” so women shouldn’t be too revealing in their outfits or the way they act. He agreed that a guy should text or email first, however, he also recommends a “nice meeting you” text from the woman. This way, if the guy is a little shy, that opens the door for him. Words of wisdom!

Kelly & Michael: Snake Story Of the Day

It was then time for a new tradition: the Snake Story of the Day. Sleeping passengers on a flight to Australia woke up to find a ten foot python on the wing of the plane. It was a scrub python, the longest species in Australia, and unfortunately it did not survive the trip.

Michael admitted to being freaked out, but he also felt a little bad for the snake. Check out this harrowing story and more discussions in the video below.

Kelly & Michael: Rapper Nas Hospitalized

Unfortunately, Kelly & Michael reported that rapper Nas had to cancel his performance on the show. He is sick and was hospitalized with vertigo after his flight to New York. Everyone was a bit disappointed, but the hosts and the audience wished him well. Get better soon, Nas, and catch you next time!

Blizzard To Beach Travel Trivia: Seth MacFarlane

Yesterday, Kelly & Michael spoke with Oscar host Seth MacFarlane. The Blizzard to Beach Travel Trivia question was: In what category was Seth nominated for an Academy Award? The answer was Best Song, but unfortunately, the trivia caller guessed incorrectly. She missed out on a great trip to the Fairmont Mayakoba Resort in Riviera Maya, Mexico. However, both she and an audience member took home a set of Lenox China.


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