Kelly & Michael: Mitt & Ann Romney Interview Preview


Kelly & Michael: Happy Rosh Hashanah!

If you’re wondering why there were so many kids in the audience of Live! with Kelly & Michael on Monday, September 17, don’t forget that school’s out; it’s Rosh Hashanah! Kelly & Michael both wished their Jewish friends a Happy New Year. As usual, Michael had just returned from a very hot Los Angeles (it was 112 degrees!) and Kelly was coming off a fun yet busy weekend spent with her kids.

Kelly Ripa: Kate Middleton Topless Photos

Kelly first brought up the topic of Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, who has unfortunately been thrust into a topless photo scandal; just like her brother-in-law, Harry! However, Kate’s photos became public as a result of a breach of privacy while vacationing in France. The Royal family are outraged, and currently seeking legal action.


Kelly & Michael: Mitt & Ann Romney Interview Preview

Kelly & Michael revealed the question making headlines from their interview with Mitt & Ann Romney. (Maria Dryfhout /

And while Kelly empathized with Kate and the embarrassment she must be feeling, she also found a silver lining within the situation. As a woman who has nursed three children, Kelly said that one day, Kate will look back and be glad that her boobs were photographed during a time when gravity was working in their favor! “I’ve always been an A Cup, but I’m now an A Long,” Kelly revealed.

Kelly & Michael: Mitt & Ann Romney Interview

Kelly & Michael had a chance to recently interview Republican Presidential nominee Mitt Romney, and his wife, Ann. The exclusive interview with Mitt & Ann Romney was pre-taped and will air on Kelly & Michael September 18. The media has been buzzing about the interview, and Kelly & Michael both revealed that they asked some hard-hitting political questions.


However, what is the question that ended up making headlines? It’s not about the economy, or social issues, but reality television: “Who do you like better: Honey Boo Boo or Snooki?” To find out what Governor Romney gave as his answer, don’t miss Mitt & Ann Romney on Live!

Kelly & Michael: 75-Year-Old Bodybuilder

There is a 75-year-old woman who has recently made the record for oldest living bodybuilder. But if you saw a picture of her, you wouldn’t believe your eyes; she’s in amazing shape, and looks to be more like 35! She works very hard to look so good, waking up at 3 am to get her work outs in.

Michael expressed hope that when he’s 75, he will wake up to exercise and look just as good. However, Kelly said “you won’t be waking up at 3 am to work out, but to use the bathroom.”

Kelly & Michael: Yankee Stadium Bathroom Encounter

Michael, as well as Kelly’s husband, Mark Consuelos, both spent a lot of time this past weekend watching football. But it’s another sports-related topic that is making real headlines. A couple were caught having “an intimate encounter” with each other inside of a bathroom stall at Yankee Stadium. In case you weren’t already afraid of stadium bathrooms!

Kelly & Michael: Nicki Minaj & Mariah Carey

Nicki Minaj & Mariah Carey have both been confirmed as new “American Idol” judges. The only question that remains is, who is the bigger diva? Newspapers are reporting on an expected “diva showdown” between the two music superstars. Kelly said that little girls, including her daughter, all seem to love Nicki Minaj. Lola does a great (and very scary) impression of the rapper/singer.

Endless Summer Trivia: Obie the Dachshund

What type of dog is Obie, the obese canine? That was the question for Endless Summer Trivia, and a viewer won a trip to La Playa Resort in Naples, Florida, when she remembered that he is a dachshund. Plus, an audience member won a five year Netflix subscription.


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