Kelly & Michael: Michael Strahan on David Letterman


Kelly & Michael: Michael Strahan on David Letterman

Kelly & Michael kicked off Live! on September 20 by lamenting the upcoming fall season. Is everyone ready for coats, boots, and chilly nights? Personally, I can’t wait, but Kelly & Michael– not so much! For Kelly, the hotter the temperature, the better. Michael still needs to buy a winter coat.

Michael revealed that he spent the previous day taping an appearance for the Late Show with David Letterman. Kelly asked, “did he call you ‘Michael Lee?'” Nope, but he still calls Kelly “Kelly Lee.” Michael had a great time at the show, and called Letterman “a funny, funny man.” Kelly said that Letterman is at his funniest during a political season. Michael admitted that during his monologue, Letterman did not have too many nice things to say about Presidential candidate Mitt Romney. On his recently leaked tapes, Romney admitted to preferring Jay Leno over Letterman. Ouch!


late show Live September 20

Michael Strahan discussed his appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman September 20.

After his appearance on the show, Michael and his fiance, Nicole, enjoyed a great dinner at STK. However, since Michael is on his brand new, healthy lifestyle diet, he found his will power put to the test. Michael tried to resist the delicious warm garlic bread, but when Nicole ate it, he had to give in! “I think my struggle should be her struggle,” Michael said. “It never works that way,” Kelly reminded him. She promised that as his TV wife, she’ll give up bread with him– at least while on the air!

Kelly & Michael: I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant

Michael was shocked to hear the story of a soldier in Afghanistan who discovered she was pregnant after having stomach pains. How does a woman not know she’s pregnant? “TLC has a show devoted to this!” Kelly said.  I Didn’t Know I Was Pregnant  is a documentary-style show filled with shocking stories and surprise births.


“If a man has a gallstone, he knows,” Michael said. So doesn’t that make a gallstone more painful than pregnancy? The ladies in the audience gave lots of ‘boos’ to Michael’s suggestion! Kelly attributed this to men’s extremely low tolerance of pain. When Kelly gave birth, Mark walked right into the hospital and fainted right away!

 Kelly & Michael: Men Vs Women Dreams

How do the dreams of men and women differ? Kelly revealed some news from a recent study. Dreams of falling are the most common in both sexes, as well as sexual dreams. 85% of men and 73% of women indulge in subconscious sexual fantasies. However, women are more likely to dream of dying and being paralyzed with fear, where men dream of flying, traveling to distant planets, and even killing people.

Kelly & Michael: Tattoo Removal and Eyebrow Implants

Has Kelly ever thought about getting her tattoos removed? She has, but she’s probably out of luck; a study showed that tattoos more than three years old, featuring lots of color, and that are on the legs or foot are harder to remove. However, she would like to try eyebrow implants. For $8,000 dollars, it’s possible to get brows like Kim Kardashian or Angelina Jolie. “But where do they get the hair from?” Michael asked. Good question!

Endless Summer Trivia: Elizabeth Olsen

A caller lost out on a trip to the St James Club in Antigua when she couldn’t remember that Elizabeth Olsen will be filming a new movie in New Orleans. But, she and an audience member both received a small appliance package from Breville.


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