Kelly & Michael: Michael Strahan at Lady Gaga Fame Party


Michael Strahan: Lady Gaga Fame Launch Party

Kelly Ripa & Michael Strahan were in a good mood on Live! with Kelly & Michael September 14, because finally, it was Friday! Michael revealed that on Fridays, he hops on a plane and spends the weekend in Los Angeles. He’s already got his personal air purifier ready (it works better than a surgical mask, which Kelly finds creepy). But before he can head out west, Michael had a great story to share of a fun– and weird– event he had just attended.

Michael had been to the Guggenheim Museum the night before. The museum was host to the launch party for the new perfume by Lady GagaFame. And in true Lady Gaga fashion, it was a “fun and weird” masquerade ball.


Kelly & Michael: Michael Strahan at Lady Gaga Fame Party

Michael discussed the Lady Gaga Fame launch party on Live! with Kelly & Michael September 14. (vipflash /

Michael didn’t wear a mask, but everyone else was dressed pretty oddly: chains, leather, etc. Lady Gaga herself was M.I.A. until she was revealed to be sleeping inside of a giant Lady Gaga Fame perfume bottle–that’s right, sleeping! People were able to line up and stick their hands into a hole to touch her. Later, Lady Gaga received a tattoo on the back of her head, and began spraying her perfume all over the party.

So, what does Lady Gaga Fame smell like? “Money!” Michael said. At least it was an “interesting” night, and a great story.


Kelly Ripa: Boxed Wine Purse

Kelly was tired from her night out, but it wasn’t because of a crazy party. She had attended the freshman orientation at her son’s new high school. And what does any responsible parent need at nine in the morning? Boxed wine, of course!

Michael showed Kelly a new, “classy” version of boxed wine. This wine came in the form of a black-and-white frame purse, and Michael poured himself and Kelly a glass each. Kelly knew that “Kathie Lee and Hoda are going to be so jealous!”

Kelly & Michael: Eva Longoria & Mark Sanchez Dating

For anyone who’s been wondering, it’s official: actress Eva Longoria and New York Jets star Mark Sanchez are officially a couple. Kelly revealed that she had met Mark once at Oscar Blandi’s salon, where she was getting her hair dyed and he had a photo shoot for GQ Magazine. Although she had foils in her hair and looked like “a California raisin,” Oscar introduced the two of them. When Kelly caught her reflection in the mirror, she thought that it was an old lady until she realized it was herself!

Kelly & Michael: Kitten Sneaks Past Airport Security

Kelly also shared a story of a little black kitten who somehow snuck into his owners’ luggage and headed onto a plane with them. The kitten survived a flight from Ohio to Florida, getting past security and the X-ray machine. This frustrated Kelly, because she isn’t even able to sneak an extra ounce of shampoo onto a plane; but nobody notices a live cat!

Endless Summer Trivia: Richard Gere

On Live! September 13, Kelly chatted about one of her favorite actors, Richard Gere. The Endless Summer Trivia question was: In what 1982 film did Richard Gere star? A caller remembered that it was An Officer and a Gentleman (Kelly’s favorite). She won a trip to the Fairmont Mayakoba resort in Mexico, and an audience member won a set of Lenox china.

Kelly & Michael: Obie the Obese Dachshund Visits Live!

Also on September 13, Kelly & Michael chatted about Obie, an obese dachshund. Now, they got to meet him in person! Obie waddled out with his owner, Norah. He is very cute, but unfortunately so fat that he can barely move. Even Michael had trouble lifting him at first!

Norah revealed that when she first met Obie, he weighed 77 pounds. The average weight for a standard dachshund should be about 35 to 40 pounds. In order to help him lose the weight, Obie has been put on a special 500 calorie daily diet. When he drops a few more pounds, he will begin exercise.

Good luck Obie! Kelly & Michael will be tracking his weight loss; he is a very sweet dog, who had a lot of kisses to dish out!

Kelly & Michael: Cutest Kid Search Winners Announced

Finally, it’s the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Live’s Cutest Kid Search Winners were announced! The cutest baby in America is Jax Slegers, and the cutest big kid is Kobi Olivas. Kobi and Jax both won Norwegian Cruises for their families; plus, because he received the most overall votes, Kobi also won a 2013 Dodge Journey. Congratulations to all of the adorable kids!



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