Kelly & Michael: Mark Consuelos Toe Surgery & African Rhino Attack


Live with Kelly & Michael: Mark Consuelos Recent Surgery

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan had the latest on Mark Consuelos toe surgery and the upcoming feud among the new panel of American Idol judges were the morning’s hottest stories during host chat. (No more updates today on flu vaccine shortages; have you gotten your shot yet?)

Kelly & Michael: Wednesday Is The New Friday

Kelly said she has a new plan for getting through the week. “I’m going to treat Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday like it’s Friday. Good for your mental state. Try it!” she advised.


Live with Kelly & Michael: Mark Consuelos Foot Surgery

Kelly & Michael: Mark Conseulos Toe Surgery & African Rhino Attack

Kelly Ripa had an update on Mark Conseulos toe surgery and Michael Strahan explained what he would have done to prevent an African rhino attack on safari. (Helga Esteb /

Kelly’s husband Mark Consuelos had toe surgery yesterday. He received a spinal block which made him unable to feel his leg. Multiple friends and medical staff advised him to take his pain medication before the block wore off.

However, Mark was too manly to follow those instructions. At about 2 a.m., Mark’s pain really kicked in, waking Kelly. She could hear him struggling in the dark to get into his pills, and he told her she didn’t know what his pain was like.


But she said she knew what it was like from having three C-sections. Michael said it’s unfair for women to play the pregnancy pain card, because men will never know what that is like. She mentioned that at least with childbirth, you get a beautiful baby at the end.

Kelly & Michael: Michael Strahan Hand Injury

Michael has Band-Aids on his hands, and in case you were wondering why, he explained that he got bored during his holiday vacation. Since there is a renovation going on at his home, he helped out his contractor by demolishing a glass wall in his basement, which cut up his fingers.

He explained in gross detail what happened to his skin and how much blood there was. He didn’t think it was so bad until after he was done working. Though it sounds like he has not been to a doctor, he claimed that it is completely fine.

It sounds like Michael is anti-stitches, and is not interested in getting his fingers repaired by a professional. He and Mark must be two peas in a pod.

Live with Kelly and Michael: African Rhino Attack

A Johannesburg couple went on safari together. As they posed for a picture in front of wild rhinos, one of them charged and pierced the woman’s skin, collapsing her lung and breaking ribs. However, she has survived the attack. See the picture for yourself when you watch the day’s host chat video.

Kelly and Michael showed the picture taken just before the attack. Michael said that he has gone on safari, and he never wants to get out of the truck, which he sees as protecting him from untamed wild animals.

Kelly said she has never been on an African safari, but she has been to the safari attraction at Six Flags. She said that she loves to follow the rules, but she said others on her group fed giraffes their snacks. That cannot be good for the animals’ diets.

American Idol Feud: Nicki Minaj Vs Mariah Carey

A new season of American Idol kicks off January 16 2013 on Fox. Nicki Minaj confirmed to the press that her feud with fellow new judge Mariah Carey is real. That is honestly the only interesting angle going on with the aging singing show. I’m only sad that Ryan Seacrest won’t have anything interesting to say.

Are you Team Nicki or Team Mariah? I wish they would just create an Idol spinoff featuring footage of the two judges feuding so I don’t have to fast forward my DVR through the singers.

Kelly & Michael: Joaquin Conseulos Braces

Kelly flashed a picture of her son Joaquin, who was excited to have his braces off. What he does not know is that he’ll be getting them back on once his final baby teeth fall out. His orthodontist is Dr Sherman.

Kelly said neither she nor Mark had braces, but all of their kids needed them. Michael Strahan admitted that he did not have braces, and Kelly reported that Dr Sherman loves him for “rocking the gap.”

Blizzard To Beach Travel Trivia: Mark Wahlberg

The day’s trivia caller was Barbara Schwarzentraub from Coal Valley, Illinois. She was playing for a vacation at the St. James’s Club Morgan Bay Resort in St. Lucia.

In what 2012 comedy did Mark Wahlberg say he sang?

The answer was Ted, and Barbara has a great vacation to look forward to. An audience member also won a five-year Netflix subscription, including a streaming device.


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