Kelly & Michael: Live! From Walt Disney World & Russian Meteor


Kelly & Michael: Live! At Walt Disney World

Kelly & Michael kicked off their week long vacation at Walt Disney World on a chilly Monday morning in Orlando, Florida. The hosts were welcomed by performers from Hollywood Studios’ Beauty and the Beast stage show, and took their seats in the middle of Main Street at the Magic Kingdom.

So far, Kelly & Michael have had tons of fun with their families at Disney World. Kelly even convinced her mother to ride Tower of Terror. Michael’s kids were worn out from riding countless rollercoasters and even swimming in the below-average Florida weather.


Kelly & Michael: Live! From Walt Disney World & Russian Meteor

Kelly & Michael kicked off the show on Main Street of the Magic Kingdom Park in Walt Disney World. (Katherine Welles /

“I can’t believe I’m wearing gloves in Orlando!” Kelly said. Still, it beats the 18 degree temperature in New York City.

Kelly & Michael: Russian Meteor Injures 1200

The hosts took a break from discussing their vacation and shared their thoughts on the meteor in Russia. According to Kelly, the meteor flew towards earth at 35,000 mph and eventually injured 1200 people, although thankfully, there were no casualties. Now, people are clamoring for pieces of the meteor, which are being sold at $2200 an ounce.


Michael said that he would be too scared to touch something from outer space, and I agree. Picking up a piece of meteor from the side of the road definitely sounds like the beginning of a science fiction movie.

Michael Strahan: Spotted At Disney World

One Live fan, Emily, wrote in to the show and reported that she spotted Michael around Disney World. Even though she was star-struck, she didn’t want to bother him for a picture. Instead, she pretended to take a picture with a turkey leg and got Michael in the background. Well, now he knows!

Blizzard To Beach Travel Trivia: Popular Purebred Dog Breed

A caller won a trip to Disney’s Vero Beach Resort in Florida by answering the following question: What is the most popular purebred dog breed in the United States? The answer is Labrador Retriever. All week long, Live! will be giving away trips to popular Disney Vacation Club destinations.


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