Kelly & Michael: Live! At Disney World & Josh Duhamel & Fergie Expecting


Kelly & Michael: Walt Disney World

Kelly Ripa & Michael Strahan returned to the Magic Kingdom for their second show in Walt Disney World. The weather warmed up a bit so the hosts could enjoy the Florida sun. Kelly & Michael have both been having a great time with their families; Michael took his kids to the park at night, and Kelly managed to convince He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named (aka her oldest son, Michael) to ride the Peter Pan ride. It was very emotional for her, because it was his favorite ride when he was a baby.

Kelly Ripa: Joaquin Conseulos’ Birthday

Kelly & Michael: Joaquin's Birthday & Josh Duhamel & Fergie Expecting

Kelly & Michael discussed news that Josh Duhamel and Fergie are expecting and celebrated Joaquin Conseulos’ birthday from Walt Disney World. (s_bukley /


Kelly’s youngest son, Joaquin, will soon be celebrating his tenth birthday. Joaquin’s birthday is February 24, so the Consuelos family celebrated a bit early at Disney World. When Kelly wore Joaquin’s “Happy Birthday” Mickey ears, everyone thought it was her birthday, too.

It’s also Seal’s birthday, who turns 50 on February 19. While on the topic of birthdays, the hosts also discussed a Texas woman who recently gave birth to two sets of identical twins at the same time! It sounds pretty rough, but as Kelly pointed out, “She only had to get lumpy once for the price of four kids!”

Kelly & Michael: Josh Duhamel & Fergie Expecting

The big news from Hollywood right now is that Josh Duhamel and Fergie are expecting a baby. The couple has been married since 2009. Josh Duhamel, who recently appeared on Live, is Kelly’s old friend from All My Children. Congratulations to the expectant parents!


Michael Strahan: Florida Meteor

After discussing the Russian meteor yesterday, Kelly & Michael reported that a potential meteor flew over Florida last night. There were calls from Jacksonville to the Florida Keys regarding a “flash in the sky.” Could it have been another meteor? Or just some extra powerful Disney fireworks?

Kelly & Michael: Brussels Airport Diamond Heist

Kelly was impressed by a new story about a diamond heist at an airport in Brussels, Belgium. Fifty million dollars in diamonds were stolen from a plane without anyone even noticing. Not that Kelly condones diamond theft, but she couldn’t help but feel impressed that the thieves managed to pull it off so smoothly. Michael was shocked, only because you can barely get an extra bag of peanuts from a plane without someone noticing. Imagine millions of dollars in diamonds!


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