Kelly & Michael: Knicks Vs. Heat & Google+ Hangout With The First Lady


Kelly Ripa: Spring Cleaning

Kelly and Michael were welcomed by an enthusiastic Monday morning crowd to start a brand new show. The hosts both had great weekends, even though Kelly spent most of her time cleaning. After years of being an actress, Kelly has become very financially conservative, which means she holds on to a lot of old clothes and things she’ll never use again. Finally, she cleaned out all of her closets, just in time for spring.

Michael Strahan: Knicks vs. Heat

Kelly & Michael: Knicks Vs. Heat & Google+ Hangout With The First Lady

Kelly & Michael discussed spring cleaning, the weekend Knicks’ game and Kelly’s Google+ hangout with the First Lady. (meltechfoto /


Michael, on the other hand, had a bit of a party weekend. He hit many New York hot spots including Arlington Club, Bagatelle and the Darby. On Sunday, he and Nicole watched the Knicks vs. Heat game. Michael has good friends on both teams, but ultimately, the Miami Heat won the game.

Michael Strahan: Woman Kicked Out Of Gym For Talking On Cell Phone

Should someone be kicked out of a gym for talking on their cell phone? Kelly and Michael debated this topic, because Michael witnessed this very thing over the weekend. He was at Planet Fitness, and a woman was asked to leave after answering her call. Kelly pointed out that when people have cell phones at the gym, they could be taking naked pictures of you in the locker room. “From now on I will only shower at home,” Michael said.

Kelly once took a kickboxing class that totally kicked her butt. She could barely keep up and became so flustered that she showered afterwards with her underwear still on. It reminds me of those nightmares about going to school without any clothes on, except in reverse.


Either way, it’s important to get your workout in when you can. Michael read that 67% of people sleep better after a good workout, while people who don’t work out have restful sleep only 39% of the time.

Kelly Ripa: Google+ Hangout With the First Lady

Today is Kelly’s Google+ hangout with the First Lady, which starts at 11 a.m. Topics of discussion will include food, fitness and family as part of the First Lady’s Let’s Move initiative. Kelly is excited to moderate something for the first time, but also a little nervous. I’m sure she’ll be great.

March Into Spring Travel Trivia: Mariah Carey

Kelly and Michael debuted a brand new trivia game, since the warmer months are on the way: March Into Spring Travel Trivia. Kara won a trip to the The Westin Diplomat Resort and Spa in Hollywood, Florida by correctly answering the following question: What are the names of Mariah Carey’s twins? The answer is Moroccan and Monroe. Plus, an audience member won a prize from Lenox China.


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