Kelly & Michael: Kim Kardashian Vampire Facial & Soda Ban Overturned


Kelly & Michael: Elisabeth Hasselbeck Staying On The View

Kelly & Michael tackled some big news stories during Host Chat, because Kelly has been so busy with her kids (the dreaded parent-teacher conferences) that she’s missed some of the latest headlines. First, Michael reported that co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck will remain on The View. After Joy Behar announced her departure, rumors began swirling that Elisabeth would also be exiting. Thankfully, that isn’t the case, as Barbara Walters herself confirmed.

Kelly & Michael: Kim Kardashian Vampire Facial & Soda Ban Overturned

Kelly & Michael discussed news on Kim Kardashian’s vampire facial and the New York soda ban during Host Chat. (Featureflash /


Kelly Ripa: New Pope Announcement

Catholics everywhere are waiting with bated breath for the announcement of the new Pope, which could come at any time. Kelly explained to Michael how the smoke signal is released after an indefinite waiting period, which has people all over the world glued to their TVs.

Kelly & Michael also speculated about what actually happens inside of the sequestered room. Are they conducting interviews? Having dance parties? They could be doing anything, because the whole process is top secret.

According to Kelly’s father, Joe, there could potentially be a couple of American Cardinals in contention for the job. Kelly said that her dad follows the happenings out of Rome like people follow sports. For Catholics, “this is our Super Bowl,” Kelly joked, which had Michael cracking up.


Michael Strahan: NYC Soda Ban Overturned

A judge has overturned Mayor Bloomberg’s proposed giant soda ban, which has some people cheering and others worried for the city’s health. Kelly said that her son, Joaquin, pointed out both sides of the argument after she explained it to him. He said that people shouldn’t drink so much soda, because it’s bad for them. On the other hand, he also believes people shouldn’t tell others what to do. Leave it to kids to break things down in simple terms!

Kelly also weighed the issue of fitting a giant soda into the cup holders at the movie theater. However, small water bottles are also an issue, because they can fall through the hole without the support of a box of candy. Someone should definitely work on finding a happy medium.

Personally, I believe that New Yorkers can live without monster-sized sodas, but it may be a while until the proposed ban actually goes through. What do you think about the New York soda ban?

Kelly & Michael: Kim Kardashian Vampire Facial

Finally, Kelly & Michael checked out a disturbing new picture of Kim Kardashian. She tested out a new beauty treatment called the vampire facial, in which blood and stem cells are removed from your own body, mixed with Juvederm, and then injected into the face. It looks pretty scary, but it’s supposed to remove fine lines and acne scars.

“You’re supposed to age,” Michael pointed out, although celebrities like Kim Kardashian feel otherwise. Would you ever try the Kim Kardashian vampire facial?



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    I found that hard to believe, especially after watching the Kim Kardashian reality TV
    marathon. Kim Kardashian ever would be caught dead
    in a Lexus, its Lexus wheels spinning on the golden celebrity road.
    She looked stunning in a white ivory custom-designed Vera Wang gown with full tulle
    skirt, basque waist and hand-pieced Chantilly lace appliqu on the bodice and train.

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