Live: Kelly Ripa Vacation & “The Sunshine When She’s Gone” Book Review


Kelly Ripa Vacation In the Grenadines

Kelly Ripa returned to Live! with Kelly & Michael looking rested, relaxed and refreshed. Kelly and Michael both admitted to missing each other while Kelly was away; she was nervous that Michael would grow to like one of his guest co-hosts better than her. Kelly was jealous when she heard that Michael benchpressed her “mini-me,” Kristin Chenoweth.

Kelly and her family spent their spring break on a tiny island in the Lower Grenadines, where it was warm and balmy every day. Kelly brought a few vacation pictures with her to show the audience what a fun time she had. There was a “dive-in” movie for the kids featuring Jaws and also an Easter 10k marathon that Kelly ran with her son, Michael. Michael finished first, although we all know that Kelly is also in great shape. Michael Strahan pointed out how well she did in the Presidential physical fitness test.


Live: Kelly Ripa Vacation & "The Sunshine When She's Gone" Book Review

Kelly Ripa discussed her vacation in the Grenadines, and Michael Strahan shared the top five workout songs on Live! with Kelly & Michael.

Kelly & Michael: Top 5 Workout Songs

On the topic of working out, Michael shared the top five workout songs. These songs were measured based on their beats per minute. Did your favorite workout song make the cut?

5. Psy- “Gangnam Style”


4. Kesha- “Die Young”

3. D’Banj- “Oliver Twist”

2. Calvin Harris featuring Tinie Tempah- “Drinking from the Bottle”

1. The Black Eyed Peas- “Boom Boom Pow”

Kelly and Michael are both fans of the number one song by the Black Eyed Peas and just had to get up and dance. However, not everyone enjoys fast music while working out. They also played some Beethoven, but Michael thinks he’d fall asleep on the treadmill.

Michael Strahan: Kevin Ware Comeback

After suffering a horrible injury, Kevin Ware is planning on making a comeback. Kelly was on vacation and missed all the drama, but Michael watched the leg fracture happen on the court. “It was the worst sports injury I think I’ve ever seen,” Michael said. Despite this, Kevin’s team won and hopefully he’ll make a speedy recovery.

Kelly Ripa: TV Version Of Fargo

According to new reports, there’s an official TV version of Fargo coming soon to small screens. Fargo is one of my favorite movies, so I’ll definitely be tuning in. Kelly is also a fan, and she has the North Dakota accent down pat. Maybe she could nab a guest starring role!

Michael has been to Fargo, North Dakota and remarked that he’d never felt such cold in his life. Kelly shared a story that she once heard from Dustin Hoffman. His son and daughter-in-law moved to North Dakota, and their dog pees out of the front door rather than stepping outside.

Kelly Ripa: The Sunshine When She’s Gone By Thea Goodman

Kelly’s friend Thea Goodman has written a book entitled The Sunshine When She’s Gone, and she hopes that everyone will read it. Kelly explained that it’s an incredible story and a great read about complicated relationships.

Of course, you can also read Most Talkative by Andy Cohen, Kelly’s good friend and Live! guest. Kelly has already read Most Talkative three times.

March Into Spring Travel Trivia: Laurence Fishburne

Caller Robert won a trip to the Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort in Florida by correctly answering the March Into Spring Travel Trivia question: How old was Laurence Fishburne when he first started acting? The answer is 10-years-old. Plus, an audience member won a $500 gift card to Calphalon.


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