Kelly & Michael: Kelly Ripa Prom Photo & What Surgeons Leave Behind


Kelly Ripa Prom Dress

Kelly & Michael were excited to start Tuesday’s show because it was Live’s prom day. Kelly Ripa attended her prom back in the 1980s, and her picture definitely confirms this; she has giant permed hair, a poofy red dress with ruffles and a red shawl. The Kelly Ripa prom photo really is an 80s nightmare (sorry, Kelly).

Michael Strahan: Never Went To Prom

Kelly & Michael: Kelly Ripa Prom Photo & What Surgeons Leave Behind

Kelly & Michael revisited prom memories from the 80s and discussed what surgeons sometimes leave behind.


Michael Strahan never had a prom because he went to high school in Germany. His graduating class was a class of two (he was number two). His other classmate was Julie Johnson, and although Julie could have been his date, a prom for one couple doesn’t sound like much fun.

Instead of a prom picture, Gelman flashed a picture of Michael in short shorts on the screen. Michael was really embarrassed and said that he looked like a “bootleg Don Johnson.” Kelly wondered why shorts were so short back then. “You were lucky you were able to make children,” Kelly told her co-host.

The hosts also checked out a few staff member prom photos, including Gelman’s. Each photo was embarrassing in its own way, but Kelly stated that the 80s were the worst for fashion. Prom fashions are never exactly chic, but at least for this generation, things are a bit more understated.


Kelly & Michael: Joaquin Consuelos Wrestling

Kelly shared a photo from the paper of the first wrestler in New Jersey to win four individual titles. She’s excited about the sport because her son, Joaquin, just had his first wrestling class and loved it. Kelly hopes that he’ll stick with wrestling and that renewed interest in the sport can help keep it in the Olympics.

Kelly has learned that a wrestling uniform isn’t called a costume, but a singlet. When Kelly said that Joaquin looks like “a superhero” in his singlet, Michael admitted what a great looking kid the youngest Consuelos is. He said that his fiance, Nicole, thinks he’s “beautiful,” and knows that she would be in love with him if she was a little girl.

Kelly said that Joaquin is actually in love with Nicole. He even paid her “the highest compliment” by saying, “I can’t believe she’s a mom, she’s like a babysitter!”

Kelly & Michael: What Surgeons Leave Behind

It’s a pretty disturbing thought, but there are actually many instances when surgeons leave something behind in your body. Three percent are instruments such as knifes or scissors, 9% are needles and 67% are surgical sponges.

Recently, while going through security at the airport, Kelly was stopped and asked if she was wearing a belt. She wasn’t, but security couldn’t find the reason why the alarm kept going off at her crotch. They hand frisked her, and obviously found nothing. But now, Kelly is wondering if there’s something left behind from her three C-sections. Maybe there’s a scissor or something down there!

March Into Spring Travel Trivia: Emma Stone

Trivia caller Patty won a trip to the St. James’s Club Morgan Bay in St. Lucia by answering the following March Into Spring Travel Trivia question: In what 2012 action adventure film and its upcoming sequel does Emma Stone star? The answer is The Amazing Spiderman. An audience member also won a $500 gift card for Calphalon Cookware.


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