Kelly & Michael: Kate Middleton Topless Photos Can’t Be Published


Kelly & Michael: Michael Strahan Manscaping

On Live! with Kelly & Michael September 19, Kelly Ripa discovered an interesting fact about her new co-host, Michael Strahan: he has a very smooth chest! She learned this because Michael chose to mix things up and not wear a tie. Kelly wanted to know, is this a natural phenomenon, or a result of manscaping?

Michael said that “it’s being respectful of your woman.” He admitted to some manscaping, and believes that men need to take care of themselves for the sake of their lady. Michael has tried waxing before, but it did not go too well. “I don’t know how [women] do it!” he said. His experience was a lot like Steve Carrell in The 40-Year-Old Virgin.


Kate Middleton: Kelly & Michael September 19

Kelly & Michael reported that a judge has ruled Kate Middleton’s topless photos can no longer be published. (Miro Vrlik Photography /

Kelly prefers laser hair removal, and it’s painful, also (though it lasts longer). However, she’s learned that she has a high tolerance for pain; after you’ve given birth, everything else pales in comparison. Michael, who has not given birth, is afraid of everything from tattoos to flu shots.

Kelly & Michael: Good Luck Robin Roberts

Good Morning America co-host Robin Roberts, who has publicly shared her health struggles with the nation, is beginning her bone marrow transplant today. Kelly & Michael wanted to wish their friend good luck, and tell Robin that their thoughts and prayers are with her. Get well soon, Robin.


Kelly & Michael: Tim Tebow Running for Public Office?

Football player Tim Tebow has announced that he would consider running for public office when his sports career ends. Michael said that he certainly has a shot, because his religious views have made him extremely popular with a lot of Americans; he’s more famous than most quarterbacks!

Kelly had forgotten that Tim Tebow has also announced publicly that he is a virgin, so Michael reminded her. This made her want to set Tim up on the show with a “lovely young viewer.” Any takers? He doesn’t need the help meeting women, but it would certainly be entertaining!

Kelly & Michael: Kate Middleton Topless Photos Cannot Be Published

It’s official: a court has ruled that the topless photos of Kate Middleton can no longer be published. Plus, an investigation of criminal activity is being started by the Royal family. However, Michael pointed out that the damage is already done; most people have already seen the photos.

Despite this, Kelly still believes that it was important for the Royal family to stand up for Kate. It must be particularly important to William, considering how his late mother, Princess Diana, was targeted by the press throughout her life.

Kelly & Michael: Michael Strahan Diet

A new study suggests that half of Americans will be obese by the year 2013– and that’s less than a year away! This unfortunate statistic has prompted Michael Strahan to go on a diet. Although he’s fairly fit and looks great, Michael still wants to get healthier and leaner for the new year. He called the unfortunate statistic “a wake up call” for America, and hopefully many people will follow his lead.

Kelly pointed out the importance of exercise, particularly for women. Many skinny women don’t work out, because they think they don’t need to. However, it’s always important to strengthen your heart, since heart disease is such a big killer of women.

Endless Summer Trivia: Kelsey Grammer

Kelsey Grammer previously revealed to Kelly & Michael that his baby daughter is named Faith. That was the question one viewer answered during Endless Summer Trivia, and she answered it in just the nick of time! Luckily, she won a trip to the Veranda Resort & Spa in Antigua. An audience member also won a gift card.


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