Kelly & Michael: Joaquin Consuelos Birthday & New York City Soda Ban


Michael Strahan: Bernard Hopkins Fight

On Monday morning, Kelly and Michael became starstruck by guest Angela Bassett, which caused them to be a little late. When they finally did come out to start the show, Michael shared his weekend plans. For the first time, he went to the Barclays Center to watch 48-year-old Bernard Hopkins become the oldest boxing champion and beat his own record. It was a pleasure for Michael to watch “the smart fighter” be crowned champ.

Kelly – who is notoriously clueless when it comes to sports – actually enjoys boxing and usually wins her boxing bets against husband Mark Consuelos.


Kelly & Michael: Joaquin Consuelos Birthday & New York City Soda Ban

Kelly & Michael discussed Joaquin’s birthday party and the New York City 16 oz. soda ban during Host Chat.

Kelly Ripa: Joaquin Consuelos 10th Birthday Party

Kelly spent her weekend celebrating Joaquin’s tenth birthday. Although he turned 10 back in February, his first birthday party was cancelled because of snow. For the second attempt at Joaquin’s birthday, Kelly hired a party bus to take the kids to Long Island City for laser tag. What she didn’t realize was that a party bus isn’t really for kids, and there was a stripper pole in the back.

Thankfully, the kids thought the pole was a “fireman’s pole,” and the laser tag party went off without a hitch. Kelly was shocked that the girls, many of whom didn’t even want to play laser tag, ended up beating the boys and winning 10 out of 11 rounds.


Kelly & Michael: New York City 16 oz. Soda Ban

Tomorrow, Mayor Bloomberg’s ban of sodas larger than 16 oz. goes into effect for New York City. The change doesn’t seem like that big of a deal, except maybe if you’re addicted to soda. At least you can still buy big bottles of liquor; otherwise, Kelly would plan to move.

Michael admits that drinking soda is a horrible habit, but he’s not sure he agrees with a ban. What do you think of the New York soda ban? Is it a healthy decision for the people of the city, or does it infringe on their rights?

Kelly & Michael: Rihanna & Justin Bieber Cancel Tour Dates

Two major music superstars, Rihanna and Justin Bieber, have cancelled tour dates. Rihanna has postponed the start of her tour in Boston, while Justin cancelled two concerts in Lisbon, Portugal. Hopefully they will both be out on the road again soon.

Kelly & Michael: Good Looking Men Make More Money

The hosts then discussed a study that suggested good looking men make more money than average looking men. Men who were “below average” in looks earned 26% less. This gave Kelly and Michael a chance to make fun of Gelman, although when don’t they make fun of him?

However, Gelman has the last laugh. On the “ugly app,” Gelman scored a near perfect, while Kelly fell on the “ugly” side of the scale.

March Into Spring Travel Trivia: Nicole Richie

It took two tries to get caller Judy on the phone (she hung up on them the first time), but Kelly and Michael gave away a great trip to the Tanque Verde Guest Ranch in Tucson, Arizona. Judy answered the March Into Spring Trivia question: What is Nicole Richie’s son’s name? The answer is Sparrow. Plus, an audience member won a set of Lenox China.

Kelly & Michael: Watch To Win Giveaway

Do you also want to win a great trip? Kelly and Michael offered details on their Second Annual Spring Fling Watch to Win Giveaway. All you have to do is watch Live! beginning March 18 and look for clues throughout the show. You could win a trip to the La Costa Resort and Spa located north of San Diego, California.


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