Kelly & Michael: Jimmy Kimmel Emmys & Bow Wow Week


Kelly & Michael: Weekend Fun

Kelly & Michael returned to Live! on a Monday morning after a fun-filled weekend for both hosts. Kelly spent time with friends and  family at a clambake, soaking up the last bits of the summer season. Michael was in Los Angeles, where he attended a star-studded charity event. He got to chat with Ryan Seacrest, Julianne Moore, Jon Hamm, and more.

Michael also caved and got the new iPhone 5. Upon inspection, Kelly noticed that it is lighter, thinner, and longer. Looks like he couldn’t wait after all!


Kelly & Michael: Jimmy Kimmel Emmys Host

Kelly & Michael: Jimmy Kimmel Emmys & Bow Wow Week

Kelly & Michael discussed Jimmy Kimmel and the Emmys on September 24. (s_bukley /

Kelly and Michael agreed that this past weekend, Jimmy Kimmel did a great job hosting the 2012 Emmy Awards. Michael revealed that Jimmy actually started at Fox Sports, performing comedy bits on the show that Michael hosts. Sure, Jimmy was great, but what do most girls care about? The fashion! Kelly said that Edie Falco was her favorite look of the night.

Kelly & Michael: Free Hunting Rifle With A Diamond Ring?

Do guns and diamond rings go together? I don’t really think so. However, an  Atlanta jeweler is now offering a free rifle with the purchase of any ring over $2,499. Plus, a new shooting range and full-service bar combination is now in the works, also in Georgia. As Kelly said, “that’s just an accident waiting to happen!” Both of those things sound like the worst ideas, ever.


Kelly & Michael: Real Husbands of Hollywood

There will be a new show on BET called Real Husbands of Hollywood, a spin on the Real Housewives franchise. However, before you roll your eyes, know that the show will be a comedian-filled spoof. Nick Cannon, Kevin Hart, and Anthony Anderson are some of them men who will star, so it’s sure to be hilarious.

Kelly & Michael: Bow Wow Week on Live!

It’s Bow Wow Week here at the show, which means it’s time to celebrate our favorite pooches. Is your dog just as much a part of your family as any other (human) member? You’re not alone! Michael read some interesting statistics: 63 percent of people feed their dogs human food, 57 percent teach their dog tricks, 55 percent of sleep with their pet, 55 percent buy their pet holiday gifts, and 40 percent take their dogs on vacation.

Kelly’s little lady, Chuy, will be appearing on the show this week. But first, Kelly wanted to have Chuy get her hair done! Even talk show hosts are obsessed with their pets.


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