Kelly & Michael: Jennifer Lawrence Trip & Live! Oscar Ballot Results


Kelly Ripa: Collecting Bottle Caps

Kelly and Michael were back in New York after a whirlwind week that found them in Florida at Walt Disney World and in Los Angeles for the Academy Awards. Kelly’s wardrobe choices were limited, because many of her clothes had been shipped to Florida and Los Angeles for filming. She still looked great, however, in a bell-sleeved pink dress.

Kelly had a great flight home, with a really great crew that helped her out with something for Lola, Kelly’s daughter. Lola’s class is collecting bottle caps for a conservation project, so the flight attendants collected all of the bottle caps on the plane for Kelly. She was very thankful, but she hopes that no one thought she was a hoarder.


Michael Strahan: Vanity Fair Oscar Party

Kelly & Michael: Jennifer Lawrence Trip & Live! Oscar Ballot Results

Kelly & Michael discussed their time at the Oscars and Best Actress winner Jennifer Lawrence’s trip to the stage. (Helga Esteb /

The Vanity Fair Oscar party is always a star-studded event, and Michael managed to nab an invitation. After the Oscars, he had the chance to chat with celebrities like Elizabeth Banks, Bradley Cooper and even Don Rickles. However, Nicole wasn’t feeling well, so they had to leave early. Kelly didn’t attend any parties at all, because she had to wake up early the next day.

Kelly & Michael: Jennifer Lawrence Trip & Flirting With Jack Nicholson

Kelly & Michael checked out a clip of Oscar winner Jennifer Lawrence chatting with Jack Nicholson that’s currently making headlines. Jack approached Jennifer during an interview and told her that she looks like one of his ex-girlfriends. Jennifer became extremely embarrassed, but she managed to play it cool in front of the coolest guy in Hollywood. Michael pointed out that any guys who are looking to pick up ladies should definitely take notes. Unfortunately, Kelly got a little jealous, because Jack had been flirting with her, too.


The other big news of the night concerning the Best Actress winner is the now infamous Jennifer Lawrence trip. Kelly believes that the trip only makes Jennifer more likeable, and Michael happens to agree. It’s every actress’ nightmare to trip on the stage of the Oscars, but somehow, Jennifer managed to make it seem funny and graceful. Plus, it’s not easy walking in those dresses and heels!

Kelly & Michael: Oscar Ballot Results

Kelly & Michael also announced the winner of their Oscar Ballot contest: Greg Houston from Tarzana, California, scored 88% correct answers. Now, he’s headed to the St. James’s Club Morgan Bay in St. Lucia. Despite Daniel Day-Lewis’ big win, Hugh Jackman was the actor with the most likes on Facebook, as was his nominated film, Les Miserables.

Between Kelly and Michael, Kelly scored the most correct answers with 75%. Poor Michael only scored 42%.

Kelly & Michael: Chopstick Stress Exercises

To wrap up Host Chat, Kelly & Michael tried out some stress exercises. Michael read that smiling reduces stress, but what do chopsticks have to do with it? The hosts held chopsticks between their teeth as part of a stress-reducing exercise. I wonder if they felt more relaxed.


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