Kelly & Michael: Jan Hooks Death + What Time Do You Shower?


Kelly & Michael: When Do You Shower?

When do you shower? Michael Strahan showers every morning, after he works out, and before he goes to bed. 32% of people shower first thing in the morning. 31% shower after being awake for a while. 22% shower a little while before going to bed. 8% say right before going to bed. 7% shower at midday.

Kelly & Michael: Disney Wedding Dresses

People are still obsessed with Frozen. They just can’t “Let it Go.” There are now wedding dresses inspired by Frozen’s Elsa. It costs $1,400. They also have Halloween costumes. Snow white is $1,249. Belle doesn’t have a price. Cinderella is $2,000. The Elsa dress is actually pretty.


Kelly & Michael: Giving Birth in a Cab

Kelly & Michael: Jan Hooks Death + What Time Do You Shower?

Kelly & Michael talked about the medical student whose sister-in-law gave birth in a taxi cab. (Juan Novakosky /

There’s a medical student who was in the backseat of a cab with his in-laws and his sister-in-law went into labor. “Let’s just say four people went into a cab and five came out,” Kelly said. He instructed how to give birth from the front seat of the cab. You wouldn’t want your brother-in-law to actually deliver the baby though. “How much to tip the driver is the question,” Kelly Ripa said. Same places have fees if you throw up. Uber would definitely have a charge.

Kelly & Michael: Puppy Came Home

There’s a puppy from Brooklyn that bolted out of his house, but it came back a year later. That’s amazing! Michael said he wouldn’t take it back. He’d have moved on by now. Are they sure it’s the same dog? They had a chip in it.


Kelly’s dog is really sick with an eye infection, so she kept thinking about her dog. You don’t realize how much your pet means to you until something happens. Mark Consuelos is cold-hearted to the dog, but he’s basically sleeping next to her now. She always looks depressed, but this time it turns out she’s sick. It’s getting very bad.

Kelly & Michael: Jan Hooks Death

Saturday Night Live star Jan Hooks has passed away. She was on the show for five years and she impersonated Kathie Lee. “She was comedy gold for sure,” Kelly said.

Time to Smile Travel Trivia: Steve Carell

The Time to Smile Travel Trivia dancer was Samantha Stokes from Wilmington, North Carolina. Jim Theiman from Louisville, Kentucky was the contestant. He travels with his wife a lot and just got back from Tennessee, but it’s raining now where he is and it was raining on his trip. Next they’re going to Missouri and then Florida. He played for the Saint James’ Club. It’s valued at $8,000. The question was:

What film did Steve Carell say he showed in his backyard last Halloween?

He got it right! It was Young Frankenstein. He picked number 234 because that was his number when he was there to get a $500 gift certificate from Bed, Bath & Beyond.

Check out the video here:



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