Kelly & Michael: iPhone 5 Mania & Kate Middleton Topless Scandal


Kelly & Michael: Kate Middleton Headlines

Kelly & Michael began Live! September 18 by discussing the royal scandal that’s making headlines around the world: Kate Middleton and her topless photos. The Duchess of Cambridge was sunbathing on private property in France when paparazzi snapped pictures of Kate and her husband, Prince William.

When Kate recently visited a tribe in the South Pacific whose women don’t wear tops, either, the press began having some fun with it! Some of the best headlines include, “Red-Faced Kate Meets Bosom Buddy–All-a-Titter!” and “Girls’ Night Out.”


iPhone 5: Kelly & Michael September 18

Kelly & Michael examined the mania surrounding the release of the iPhone 5 on September 18.

Kelly & Michael: iPhone 5 Mania

Have you pre-ordered your iPhone 5? If you have, you’re not the only one; the iPhone 5 has shattered records with an incredible 2 million pre-orders. But are Kelly & Michael two of those 2 million? No way.

The hosts both find it crazy that there are already people waiting in line outside the Apple Store, even sleeping in tents in order to be the first to get their hands on the iPhone 5. “Do you really need a phone that bad?” Michael expressed. Kelly wondered how these people were able to take days off of work in order to wait by the Apple Store.


Michael plans on getting his iPhone 5 when the lines disappear, or when someone just decides to hand him one. Calm down, people! It’s just a phone.

Kelly & Michael: “Bases” Have Changed?

Ashton Kutcher was recently spotted both kissing a girl and texting at the same time. Now that’s skill! Kelly said he’s probably tweeting to his followers, “I’m hitting first base.”

Kelly had to ask the audience, “is kissing still first base?” According to Kelly’s kids, bases have now changed, and no, you don’t want to know about it. Michael has seven– that’s right, seven!– girls in his family to look out for, so boys had better look out. Michael said that he’s usually pretty nice to boys that are dating his daughters; he “just intimidates a little.”

Kelly & Michael: Humpback Whale Spotted in NY

New Yorkers usually have to travel in order to see whales and other ocean life, but a giant humpback whale was recently spotted off of Rockaway Beach. Michael is used to seeing whales and dolphins in Los Angeles. Also in L.A, it’s very common to see sharks; that’s why Michael doesn’t go into the water! He said, “I watch the people in the water. They’re called bait!”


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