Kelly & Michael Fitness Challenge: CrossFit Challenge & Live! Inbox


Kelly & Michael Fitness Challenge: CrossFit

Kelly and Michael have done some strange workouts for their fitness challenge week. They already tried the Animal Flow Workout and the Baby Booty Camp and today they tried their hand at CrossFit. They brought out CrossFit trainer Megan May to explain exactly what this high intensity workout is.

Kelly & Michael Fitness Challenge: CrossFit Challenge & Live! Inbox

Kelly and Michael continued their fitness challenge this time giving CrossFit a go. They learned all about the workout and then competed against each other.


May said the definition of CrossFit is, “constantly varied functional movements done at a high intensity.” She further explained functional movements means normal, everyday movements. When you sit down and stand up, you have performed a squat. When you lift something off the ground you have performed a dead lift. When you put something on a shelf, you have performed a press.

CrossFit essentially takes the movements you do every single day and makes them into a workout anyone can do. May said the best part about CrossFit is that it can be tailored to any skill level, it is constantly varied so neither you nor your body become bored with the exercises and it adds different elements, like ropes and tires, to help maximize the workout.

Kelly & Michael CrossFit Challenge

Kelly and Michael went head to head in a CrossFit challenge. They started by swinging some ropes, then they moved to kettlebells they had to swing with their hips. Next they moved to box jumps, then the tire flip and finally they had to pull some weights attached to a sled.


It was difficult to say who won the challenge since they both crossed the finish line at about the same time. Either way, Kelly was probably the loser because her pants almost came off during the challenge and she was too embarrassed to even say anything at the end of the segment.

Kelly & Michael Live! Inbox

To finish off the show Kelly and Michael opened their inbox and read some of their recent mail.

Kelly received a bunch of letters from the students of Ann Marie Rooney, one of the finalist during Top Teacher Week.

Michael received a letter from a woman who watched him prank Kelly during the Baby Booty Camp workout. She said just weeks after giving birth, her husband pretended to drop their newborn baby and she nearly killed him for pulling such a cruel prank.


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