Kelly & Michael: Earn the Right To Win & Kate Middleton Having A Girl?


Michael Strahan: Tom Coughlin Earn the Right To Win Review

Kelly and Michael were both very excited to start the show, Michael especially, who would be reunited with his former coach Tom Coughlin. As head coach of the Giants, Tom enforced some very strict rules onto his players. They had to be five minutes early everywhere they went or they would be fined $500.

Kelly & Michael: Earn the Right To Win & Kate Middleton Having A Girl?

Kelly & Michael discussed Kate Middleton’s possible slip on the gender of her baby and Michael’s former coach Tom Coughlin. (Featureflash /


Michael said that Tom owes him $500, because he was once three minutes early instead of five. Sounds like an injustice to me. We’ll see what Tom has to say about this unpaid debt.

Tom’s new book is called Earn the Right to Win, and Michael wrote the foreword.

Kelly Ripa: Bottle Caps From Jeanine

Kelly has previously mentioned on the show that her daughter, Lola, is collecting bottle caps for a school project. Kelly has been working hard to collect as many bottle caps as she can so that Lola’s class can win a pizza party.


A Live viewer, Jeanine, helped Kelly and Lola in a major way. Her son’s bottle cap project was suspended, so she sent the remaining bottle caps to the show in a giant package. How sweet! Kelly was very appreciative, and Lola should definitely win the project now.

Michael Strahan: Say Yes To Education

Michael spent his night hosting a fundraiser for Say Yes To Education, an organization which helps kids receive a college education. Say Yes To Education has already helped over 69,000 kids, and last night they raised 4.5 million dollars, the most money ever.

Kelly & Michael: Kate Middleton Having a Girl?

Could Kate Middleton, the Duchess of Cambridge, be having a baby girl? A lot of people who are hoping for a female heir to the throne may be getting their wish. While accepting gifts from a young fan, Kate thanked her and slipped by almost saying the word “daughter.” If Kate Middleton is having a girl, that could be really big news.

Regardless of whether she’s having a girl or boy, Kelly is jealous that Kate still has a great figure while pregnant. She referred to herself as “Shrekian” during her pregnancies. On All My Children, when they couldn’t hide her pregnancy anymore, they buried her character alive in a cave.

Kelly & Michael: Facial Hair Trend

Men, facial hair is very in right now, so you should be considering growing a mustache or beard. Kelly thinks that the trend may eventually carry over into women (although I wouldn’t hold my breath). We’ve all got that one elderly aunt or relative with a ‘stache, right?

March Into Spring Travel Trivia: Tina Fey

Steve won a trip to the Windjammer Landing Villa Beach Resort and Spa in St. Lucia by answering the following March Into Spring trivia question: What college did Tina Fey graduate from? The answer is University of Virginia. Plus, an audience member took home a set of Calphalon cookware.


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