Kelly & Michael: Does Dwayne Johnson Manscape & Up Talkers Vs Posers


Wednesday is the New Friday

Everyone goes out on Thursdays and Friday is just a party, so Kelly Ripa feels that Wednesday is the new Friday. Michael Strahan was sad that he can’t go out with his friends during the week because work and family takes precedent. He told Michael Gellman that they should change the schedule and his producer laughed.

Kelly Ripa: Lola’s Spanish Project

Kelly said her family is working on wrapping up the school year. Lola was given Guatamala for her Spanish project. Kelly did a hilarious impression of her daughter and said she sounded like Soshanna from Girls. She ended everything in a question and acted like a Valley Girl.


What Does Your Voice Say About You?

Kelly & Michael: Does Dwayne Johnson Manscape & Up Talkers Vs Posers

Michael Strahan wished his friend Dwayne Johnson well after a recent hernia surgery. Kelly Ripa tried to figure out what kind of talker she is. (Image Credit: s_bukley /

There was a news article about the way voices affect yourself and other people. The Volumizer talks too loud, like TV hosts. Chris Matthews was the example. The Up Talker is the person that turns everything into a question. Shoshanna on Girls is the example for that. The Irritator talks in a shrill voice, and the example is Marge Simpson. The immature voice is the baby talkers, and the article said that Khloe Kardashian can get that way. The Crutcher fills in sentences with “ums” and “ohs.” Michael thought that President Obama sometimes does this. Also, when kids are lying they tend to insert “ums” or repeat the question back.

“Did you do your homework?” “Did I do my homework?” So that would be a no?


Kelly said she wasn’t sure what kind of talker she is. Possibly a blend of the Irritator, the Volumizer and the Crutcher, she said. Michael said his voice, especially on the phone, sounds very deep. The article called that the Poser and Michael was a little offended.

Get Well, Dwayne Johnson

Michael said that Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson was injured at Wrestlemania. He had to have abdominal surgery to fix a hernia. He tweeted a picture from the hospital in his surgery hair net and a Superman shirt, proving that he is on the mend and in good spirits.

Does Dwayne Johnson Manscape?

Kelly said she wonders so many things about his hernia surgery. Michael decided to change to a more family friendly subject. He was feeling very uncomfortable talking about the Rock’s manscaping. He compared it to watching a woman give birth. No one wants to voluntarily watch that.


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