Kelly & Michael: Disney World Facts & Blizzard to Beach Travel Trivia


Kelly & Michael: Walt Disney World

On a beautiful, sunny day in Orlando, Florida, Kelly & Michael were welcomed to the Magic Kingdom by performers from “The Festival of the Lion King.” They started their day with fun facts about Disney World. Michael even had his very own baby Simba doll! Wednesday was Kelly & Michael’s third day of vacation at Walt Disney World.

Kelly & Michael: Disney World Facts

Kelly & Michael: Disney World Facts & Blizzard to Beach Travel Trivia

Kelly & Michael shared Disney World facts from the Magic Kingdom Park. (s_bukley /


If you’ve ever been to Walt Disney World, then you know that it’s pretty much like its own giant city. Here are some of the interesting Disney World facts that Kelly & Michael shared with the crowd.

  • Disney World is 40 square miles, which is the size of two Manhattan islands or the city of San Francisco. There are also 25,000 acres of conservation land surrounding the resort.
  • 64,000 employees work at Walt Disney World, and it’s the largest single site employer in the United States
  • Every day, 210 pairs of sunglasses are brought into the lost and found. The most unusual lost items have included a glass eye, a prosthetic leg and a training potty.

Kelly Ripa: Parents Joe and Essie Ripa

Both Kelly and Michael have been enjoying their time at Disney World with their families, and even Kelly’s parents have joined the fun. Joe and Essie Ripa were seated in the audience, and Kelly said that her dad wore his Philadelphia Eagles jacket just for Michael’s sake. How kind!

Later, Kelly showed off her favorite mouse ear designs and gave away a few to kids in the audience. They even make a Goofy hat with gap teeth, perfect for Michael.


Blizzard To Beach Trivia: Quvenzhane Wallis

Then it was time for Blizzard to Beach Travel Trivia; or rather, theme park to beach. Amy won a trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom Village, including admission to all Disney theme parks. The trivia question was: In which state does Quvenzhane Wallis live? The answer is Louisiana.


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