Kelly & Michael: Derek Jeter’s Last Home Game + Multitasking


Kelly & Michael: Cursing After a Stroke

A grandmother who once despised profanity can’t stop swearing ever since she had a stroke. Talk about fate. She even called her grandchildren names. If something annoys her she can’t keep her thoughts to herself, but that just means that she had been thinking about it. There are a lot of strange stroke stories out there. People have strokes and can suddenly speak another language or have a new accent.

Kelly & Michael: Derek Jeter’s Last Home Game

Kelly & Michael: Derek Jeter's Last Home Game + Multitasking

Kelly & Michael talked about Derek Jeter’s last home game with the Yankees. (Rena Schild /


September 25 is a big night for baseball because it’s Derek Jeter’s final home game at Yankee Stadium. That’s so sad. I don’t even know the Yankees without Jeter. But there could be a problem. There’s been terrible weather. If it rains they don’t play. So will they make up the game?

It would be terrible if he didn’t have his last game in the Bronx. People paid up to $15,000 to see it. And he’s been so huge in baseball, plus he’s a great person. He stayed with the Yankees for so long and everybody loves him. Maybe the people in the crowd will get something from the game.

Kelly & Michael: Multitasking Makes Your Brain Smaller

Multitasking makes your brain smaller. Who knew? People who multitask with multiple media devices have less grey matter, which is the part of the brain that processes information. That’s not good. Wouldn’t being able to do that much keep your mind sharp? There probably was a study that said that, but it’s turning out that that’s wrong. I don’t know how true this is, but I guess whoever did this research knows what they’re doing.


Time to Smile Travel Trivia: Denzel Washington

The Time to Smile Travel Trivia dancer was Jeanne Marie Paula from Minnesota. Kelly knew exactly where she was from. It had something to do with Purple Rain. She’s jumped into the lake and was the only person Kelly’s met from there.

Robin Nicholson from Rochester Hills, Minnesota was the contestant. She’s celebrating her 28th anniversary. Her husband’s flying in from Italy the night before, so they’re just going to have dinner. She played for the Tanque Verde Ranch in Tucson, Arizona. It’s valued at $8,600. It could be a second honeymoon. The question was:

What did Denzel Washington say he needs to learn before starting to film his next movie? 

She got it right! He needs to learn to ride a horse. She picked number 28 to get a $500 gift certificate from Omaha Steaks.


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