Kelly & Michael: David Blaine & “Fearless” Felix Baumgartner


Kelly Ripa Short Fingernails

It was a gloomy day in New York City, but that didn’t stop Kelly & Michael from throwing their morning dance party (they are starting to give Ellen a run for her money). Take a look at their sweet dance moves in the video below, and read on for full details!


When they finally settled down, the hosts began by discussing fingernail trends. Kelly has always had short fingernails, but now, long nails are back in style.

Michael’s sister, Sandra, has always had long fingernails, and he just doesn’t understand how she eats. Kelly believes that it’s a regional thing. In South Jersey, all of the women have long, pointy nails.

David Blaine “Electrified”

Kelly & Michael: David Blaine & "Fearless" Felix Baumgartner

Kelly & Michael discussed the effects of David Blaine’s latest endurance stunt, “Electrified.” (stocklight /


Kelly reported that David Blaine has wrapped up his latest stunt, “Electrified,” at Pier 54 on Manhattan’s West Side. After three days and one million volts of electricity, David has a lot of recovering to do. For the entire duration of the stunt, David was falling in and out of consciousness, and he suffered from fainting spells. Now, his legs are very swollen. David’s stunts are truly tests of endurance, and hopefully, he’ll get well soon.

Felix Baumgartner “Fearless Felix”

If you think that David Blaine is impressive, wait until you hear about Felix Baumgartner! He is a daredevil who is planning on jumping from 23 miles and break the record for the highest skydive ever. He will also break the sound barrier and fall at a speed of 690 miles per hour. Felix is known as “Fearless Felix,” but Michael referred to him as “Foolish Felix.”

Potential dangers of Felix’s stunt include exploding lungs and boiling blood. Neither one of those things sound like something any sane person would be willing to risk!

Oldest Person Dies At 132

The oldest living person, a woman from Georgia, has just died at the remarkable age of 132. She was born in 1880! The incredibly long lifespan had Michael thinking of all the things that this woman must have seen in her life: electricity…the Internet…cell phones…and reality TV!

Bad Breath Test for Kidney Disease & IBS

Have bad breath–or know someone who does? It may actually pose a health risk. Kelly and Michael reported that bad breath may be an indicator of health problems like kidney disease or Irritable Bowel Syndrome. Maybe that will make Kelly and Michael feel badly for dodging people with bad breath! (That reminds me of the Bad Breath Breathalyzer they talked about recently.)

Endless Summer Trivia: John Cena

The Endless Summer Trivia Question was: What is wrestler John Cena’s signature move? The answer was “The Attitude Adjustment.” This answer won today’s caller a great trip to St. James’ Club in Antigua. Plus, an audience member won a gift card to


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