Kelly & Michael: Cuddlr App, IPhone 6 + Do You Bribe Your Kids?


Kelly & Michael: Cuddlr App

There’s a new app that’s called “the Tinder of cuddles.” I’ve heard of this app before and I’m not quite sure how I feel about it. You basically find someone near you that wants to cuddle. Part of me thinks it’s cute, and part of me thinks it’s super creepy. It’s called Cuddlr. You chose from someone based on name, profile and cuddle ratings for a platonic, no strings attached cuddle. There are settings to show what your cuddle preferences are such as whether you like a big spoon or a little spoon. It might not turn out platonic like they intend, though.

Check out the video here:


Kelly & Michael: Do You Bribe Your Children?

Kelly & Michael: Cuddlr App, IPhone 6 + Do You Bribe Your Kids?

Kelly & Michael talked about the new Cuddlr app that connects you with people to cuddle with. (Elena Elisseeva /

Do you bribe your children? “We bribe them with staying alive,” Kelly Ripa said. People are considering bribery to get their kids to do all sorts of things, like chores. “Which I call an allowance,” Kelly said.


Is that the same thing as a bribe? 55% of parents say they give their kids bribes, such as an allowance, for chores and good behavior. Michael Strahan’s bribed his kids before. He’s been bribing his kids with an iPhone for years. Kelly bribed her kids when they were standing in line to meet the President because she wanted them on their best behavior. They know when you’re ready to bribe them though.

Kelly & Michael: iPhone 6 Review

Kelly & Michael both got the big iPhone 6. “It’s gigantic,” Kelly said. Gelman’s has a case already. They really are huge. IOS 8 is also better. Plus there’s voice text now, which can prevent people from texting and driving and could help with hearing the actual tone of the text. “This is what they should have made for me years ago,” Michael said.

Time to Smile Travel Trivia: Luke Wilson

The Time to Smile Travel Trivia dancer was Sadia Taylor from West Babylon, New York. The contestant was Debbie Smith from Taylor Lake Village, Texas.  She had a horse in her picture. Michael always loved them in Busch Gardens. The Travel Trivia wheel actually wasn’t working today, so Kelly had to randomly pick one out of a fish bowl instead. She played for the Long Bay Beach Club in Tortola. It’s valued at $6,800. The question was:

What NYC street did Luke Wilson say he mispronounced when he first moved to NYC?

She got it right! It was Houston. She picked number 30 to get a $500 gift certificate to Omaha Steaks.


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