Kelly & Michael: Co-Host Peter Facinelli & Boston Marathon Bombings


Kelly Ripa: Boston Marathon Bombings

Unfortunately, Live! with Kelly & Michael, featuring Kelly Ripa and guest co-host Peter Facinelli, began on a very somber note. There’s no escaping the “dreadful news” coming from Boston, so Kelly decided to address it straight away. Three people are dead and many, many more are injured due to yesterday’s shocking bombing at the Boston Marathon.

Live: Phil Lipof In Boston

Kelly and Peter spoke with news correspondent Phil Lipof, a Boston native who was in town covering the latest developments. Phil reported that 145 people are injured, with 17 still in critical condition. Sadly, one of the three who died was an eight-year-old boy, Martin Richard, who attended the race to cheer on his dad.


What’s odd about this particular event is that no one has taken credit yet; because of this, there are no real suspects. Phil shared information that a suburban Boston home was raided in connection to the bombings, but authorities won’t say how. Right now, they are still clamoring for information and are camped out at Logan Airport checking people’s phones. Kelly worried that there may have been more bombs that didn’t detonate, but Phil dispelled these rumors. The only two bombs found were the ones that exploded.

Obviously, the Boston Marathon bombings represent a terrible day for our nation and everyone’s thoughts are with the city of Boston right now. Peter explained that he almost backed out of attending a movie premiere, but he believes that life should go on. On that note, Kelly and Peter sent their best wishes to everyone affected, and continued with the show.

Kelly & Michael: Co-Host Peter Facinelli & Boston Marathon Bombings

Kelly and guest co-host Peter Facinelli discussed the devastating April 15 Boston Marathon bombing.


Kelly Ripa: Transcendental Meditation

Kelly explained that 20 minutes of meditation, twice a day, has been proven to cure ailments such as insomnia and IBS. Peter said that he took a course on transcendental meditation in college, and it worked wonders for him. It’s hard to shut your brain down, but once you do, it takes you to “a surreal place.”

Peter Facinelli: Family Vacation To Sedona, Arizona

Peter just returned from a family vacation to Sedona, Arizona with his three daughters and parents. They went RVing, which Kelly has always wanted to do but Mark is afraid to do. Kelly is hoping that Peter can convince Mark to tag along, and they can plan a big group trip.

The Facinellis did a lot of fun things like a red rock tour and taking a safari. Peter’s father brought along his accordion and played it at the campfire at night. You’re never too old for your parents to embarrass you!

The last time Kelly and her family took a trip to Arizona, they saw a baby rattlesnake that had just eaten something. Fortunately, they did not stick around to find out if he was still hungry.

Kelly Ripa: Matt Damon Wedding Vow Renewal

Kelly sent congratulations to one of Hollywood’s most admirable couples, Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso, who recently renewed their wedding vows. Surprisingly, Jimmy Kimmel officiated the ceremony. Who knew Jimmy was an ordained minister? “I’m going to the church of Jimmy Kimmel from now on,” Peter said.

Peter Facinelli: Motorcycle At 18

Since Kelly and Peter have teenage children the same age, they chatted a bit about driver’s licenses. Kelly explained that New York City kids don’t ask for a license – they just want their own MetroCard. Peter’s daughter is eligible for her permit, but he’s hoping she waits before getting behind the wheel.

Peter would rather his kids ride bikes than drive cars, because a bike can’t fit another passenger! Although, he rode a motorcycle at the age of 18, which is even worse than a car. Now, as a father, he would never be so risky.

March Into Spring Travel Trivia: Mark Wahlberg

Caller Maria won a trip to the St. James Club Morgan Bay in St. Lucia by answering the following March Into Spring Travel Trivia question: In what upcoming action/adventure sequel will Mark Wahlberg be starring? The answer is Transformers 4. Also, an audience member took home a five year Netflix subscription and streaming device.


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