Kelly & Michael: CMT ‘Cheer’ Review & Co-Hosts Height Difference


Live with Kelly & Michael: Friday Host Chat

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan strutted out together to another dance hit as they kicked off their first Friday show as TV’s newest dynamic duo. I still feel like there’s a disconnect between the early morning energy and the dance club vibe this show seems determined to create on the set. The co-hosts chatted about Gelman’s lost wallet, Kelly’s CMT Cheer review, and the co-hosts’ height difference to start the show.

Kelly Ripa Surprise Party

Kelly said her friend Bill Persky was honored at a surprise party last night, and the group kept yelling “surprise!” to the wrong people who were arriving. But the guest of honor was truly surprised. She said that all his friends were avoiding his emails so no one would spoil the surprise in advance.


Michael Strahan said his birthday is November 21, so the show should have plenty of time to put together an embarrassing surprise gift. Kelly said she loves to give gifts, but the co-hosts agreed that producer Michael Gelman is cheap.

Kelly & Michael: Michael Gelman Lost Wallet

Gelman also revealed that he lost his wallet, and said he would take any divine intervention in hopes of getting it back. Michael Strahan said he doesn’t mind having to cancel credit cards, but it’s frustrating to lose the irreplaceable stuff in your wallet, like pictures and partially unused Starbucks gift cards.

Live!: Kelly & Michael’s Height Difference

Kelly & Michael: CMT 'Cheer' Review

Kelly shared a CMT 'Cheer' review of the new reality show she and husband Mark Consuelos are producing.


The media sensation surrounding the new co-hosts continues. The New York Post has an article about Kelly & Michael’s 14” height difference when standing. But because Kelly has a long waist and Michael has a short waist, they are roughly the same size when sitting down. She said that many of her co-hosts were much shorter than her when sitting.

Michael admitted that he has a large cushion so he can see eye-to-eye with Howie Long on Fox NFL Sunday. Kelly said one of her guest co-hosts seemed shrunken sitting next to her, but she couldn’t remember who it was.

Gelman said the Post accused them of using special effects to make the co-hosts appear the same height when sitting. But their stools are the same height, and they even used a measuring tape to get their sitting heights. Kelly measured Michael, who was 36” tall from the seat cushion to the top of his head. He measured Kelly, who was 35”. That’s pretty close, especially considering their standing heights.

Kelly & Michael: Chinese Quadruplets Haircuts

Young quadruplets in south China were faced with a dilemma upon enrolling in school: no one could tell them apart. Their parents decided to give each of them a distinctive haircut. Their heads were shaved, and the hair that was left for each of them made the numbers one through four.

“Why aren’t they sitting in numerical order?” Kelly wondered upon seeing the picture. Michael asked if teachers are supposed to address them by their number or their name. I have some questions about the standards for school uniforms in China.

Live!: Cell Phones & Relationships

A study concludes that simply having your mobile device in the room can affect your relationships with others. Michael and Nicole went with friends to the US Open, and they all spent a meal on their phones.

He said he’s figured out that, even though Nicole is often using her phone, she puts it away when she notices Michael using his, so she can complain that he isn’t interacting with her. Michael said they were all texting one another across the table.

Kelly said she and Mark have the same problems. She considers Mark’s phone the third person in their relationship. One of Kelly’s former soap co-stars sent her a picture of her bad 1990s hair. But Mark complained that she was ignoring him. Kelly wasn’t getting sympathy from Michael, who took Mark’s side in the dispute.

Kelly & Michael: Rihanna Short Haircut

Kelly showed of Rihanna’s new, short haircut, which got a mixed reaction from the audience. She said that Rihanna and Michael’s wife Nicole could both rock the hairstyle. Kelly said that Gelman cautions her anytime they show haircuts, because Kelly gets so emotional if she attempts to change her hair.

It sounds like her experiences with shorter hair have been traumatic. I’m sure when you’re on TV with people every morning, there’s a level of scrutiny regarding your haircut that the rest of us can’t even imagine.

Kelly Ripa: CMT Cheer Review

Kelly and her husband Mark are producers behind the new reality series Cheer. The show premieres September 7 2012 on CMT, and it got a great review in the New York Times.

Kelly shared a clip from the show, which features no-nonsense coach Patty Ann, who pushes her cheerleaders to be competitive. One girl landed on another girl’s face and made her mouth bleed. Kelly said cheerleading is an underappreciated sport, and that Patty Ann is extremely quotable.

Endless Summer Travel Trivia: James Marsden

Noelle Lesniak from River Grove, Illinois was the morning’s trivia contestant, vying for a vacation at the La Playa Beach Club in Naples, Florida.

In what state did James Marsden say he is currently shooting a movie?

Noelle came up short on the answer, New Mexico. But she and someone from the audience did get gift certificates to


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