Kelly & Michael: Chicago O’Hare Fire + George Clooney Wedding


Kelly & Michael: Bryan Adams

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan came out to Bryan Adams today because he’d be stopping by for a performance, which I am really excited about. He’s so talented. “Bryan Adams is everything. I don’t think he can write a bad song,” Kelly said. He’s also an incredibly talented photographer. He’s just an amazingly talented person and he’s incredibly creative. He even came out with a book a while ago.

Kelly & Michael: New York Weather

Kelly & Michael: Chicago O'Hare Fire + George Clooney Wedding

Kelly & Michael talked about George Clooney’s beautiful wedding in Venice this weekend. (LaCameraChiara /


Kelly had the greatest weekend. It was absolutely beautiful out, so Kelly spent the entire weekend in Central Park and heard some of the Global Citizens Festival performances, which seemed like an amazing festival. This is their third time doing it. It was around 80 degrees out. And her kids rented those electronic boats to sail around. They had friends from LA staying with them and they didn’t understand why the weather was such a big deal, but they just don’t understand. They’re spoiled in LA.

Kelly & Michael: Chicago O’Hare Fire

Michael was supposed to have a bumpy flight in, so he was scared and strapped himself in, but nothing happened. It was a good flight. Luckily he wasn’t in Chicago. Chicago O’Hare Airport had a fire and they had to cancel over 150 fights. It’s the second largest airport in the country next to Atlanta. They said that the situation is going to improve, which isn’t exactly a lot of information. Kelly always wants the airport to close when she’s on a really great vacation. But it always happens somewhere you don’t want to be.

Kelly & Michael: George Clooney Wedding

George Clooney got married in Venice on September 27. It looked absolutely beautiful. The paparazzi might have outnumbered the guests 21 to one though. Kelly’s friend was at the wedding and they’ve gone to a lot of weddings together. He always rips his shirt off and starts dancing.


Kelly didn’t think he’d actually do it at that wedding, but it’s the first thing you see if you go on a gossip site. It’s his signature move and he’s a great dancer. Clearly he’s the life of the party and ends up being the entertainment at the wedding. So Kelly said that they should send their congratulations to the newly married couple. They’re still smiling 24 hours later, but now people are going to start wondering if they’re going to have a baby.


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