Kelly & Michael: Chelsea Clinton Baby + Annoying Plane Passengers


Kelly & Michael: Technical Problems

Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan were having some technical problems on the show with the monitors and the studio being too cold this morning. “Pay the bills, Gelman,” Kelly said.

Kelly & Michael: Baby Charlie

Kelly and Mark Consuelos went to visit Kelly’s assistant Lauren and her baby Charlie yesterday. Now Kelly wants him. Or she wants to find her own baby and keep it. She posted a picture of Charlie on Instagram, and he’s absolutely adorable. Kelly’s kids want a new baby too. They’re always asking for one. “Give the kids what they want,” Michael said.


Kelly & Michael: Baby Charlotte

Kelly & Michael: Chelsea Clinton Baby + Annoying Plane Passengers

Kelly & Michael talked about Chelsea Clinton bringing her baby Charlotte home from the hospital. (JStone /

Speaking of babies, Chelsea Clinton brought her baby Charlotte home from the hospital yesterday. She’s absolutely adorable too. Chelsea, her husband and Bill and Hillary all so happy.

Kelly & Michael: Annoying Plane Passengers

What are the top things people hate about their fellow plane passengers? There are so many to choose from. Number five is a nonstop talker, which is so annoying, but at least you can use headphones. Number four is the “space invader” who keeps getting into your personal space, which is terrible.


The worst is when you’re in the middle of two people like that. Kelly has her kids act as buffers for her though. Number three is people who let their children run wild. Kids can be so annoying on planes, especially when they kick the back of your seat. Yes, they’re kids, but their parents need to learn to control them better.

Number two is people with bad hygiene who smell or something, which is gross. Kelly’s obsessed with hygiene. She wipes everything down and she uses hand sanitizer and she claps her hands to make it float around. People appreciate the smell. She even puts it under her nose if she’s near someone that smells bad. She holds her nose for 10 seconds after someone sneezes, but Michael holds it even longer. He hates that.

The number one complaint is reclining seats. People are allowed to do that though. Michael has no problem doing that if he’s in front of a short person. He does it moderately though. He looks back to make sure people have enough legroom.

Check out the video here:


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