Kelly & Michael: Bruce Springsteen Birthday + Police Texting Gun


Kelly & Michael: Bruce Springsteen’s Birthday

Who does everybody in New Jersey love? Bruce Springsteen, of course. I knew that without them even saying it, though apparently 4% were unfavorable, but there’s a margin of error. September 23 Springsteen’s birthday. He’s 65 years old now. His daughter’s also an equestrian, and she’s actually really good. One in three New Jersey residents say that they own some of Springsteen’s music. I believe that.

Kelly & Michael: Texting Gun

There’s a new texting gun. It’s like a speed gun, but it can find out whether or not you’re texting and driving. Texting and driving is dangerous and stupid, and this gun will be really helpful in eradicating it. It’s not really clear how the gun will work though. It will tell from radio frequency and data or something, but what would happen if one of the passengers was the one texting? Can the gun really differentiate who in the car is texting or will they be constantly pulling people over? It doesn’t seem very reliable.


Kelly & Michael: Texting Tendonitis

Kelly & Michael: Bruce Springsteen Birthday + Police Texting Gun

Kelly & Michael talked about how everyone in New Jersey loves Bruce Springsteen. (Brian Patterson Photos /

Speaking of texting, there’s a risk of tendonitis for people who use their thumbs while texting. This doesn’t surprise me at all. Frequent texters send 1,209 texts a month and 50 for infrequent texters. People put greater stress on their dominant thumb. The new iPhone 6 Plus is huge now, but it also puts words out that they think you’re going to use while you’re texting. Apparently Samsung’s already had a phone like that for years.

Kelly & Michael: Noises In The Attic

There are always noises in the attic. What are they? Ghosts? 29% of the time it’s mice, 16% it’s squirrels, 14% it’s bees and 7% it’s bats. That’s so unsettling. I don’t like most of those options. The squirrels are okay though.


Kelly & Michael: Annabelle Review

There’s a new movie coming out called Annabelle. It looks absolutely terrifying. Nobody wants to see it. Michael Strahan’s going to a screening, but nobody wants to go with him. I don’t blame them. Even the commercials are scary. Last time, they put one of the dolls in Michael’s dressing room.

Time to Smile Travel Trivia: James Spader

The Time to Smile Travel Trivia dancer was Janice Johnson from the Bronx. The contestant was Clarissa Clemons from Oak Park, Michigan. Michael got her name wrong. She has a pet sitting business, which is adorable. She won’t watch reptiles, but she watches dogs, cats, and fish. She played for the La Playa Beach Club and Golf Resort on Naples, Florida. It’s valued at $7,700. The question was:

In what city did James Spader say he spent the summer? 

She couldn’t remember. She said Boston, but he was in London filming The Avengers. She then told Kelly Ripa how proud she was of her. She and number 96 for her mom got a $500 appliance package from Cuisinart.

Check out the video here:


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