Kelly & Michael: Boulud Sud Review & Strahan Football Scholarship


Live! With Kelly & Michael: Day Two

A new co-host, new logo, and new show intro kicked off the second day of TV’s hottest new pair, Kelly Ripa and Michael Strahan. They dished about New York’s Boulud Sud, traveling with babies, and the Michael Strahan football scholarship story that ended in the co-host chair.

Kelly congratulated her newly minted co-host as a hit. She said they were excited backstage to see themselves on the monitors as the show started. Michael said he saw how high off the ground Kelly was when he swept her up in the excitement of yesterday’s co-host reveal.


Kelly Ripa & Michael Strahan: Boulud Sud Review

Kelly admitted that she never watches herself on TV, because she would be too embarrassed to ever leave the house. But Kelly and Michael did leave the house last night for dinner to celebrate their new partnership.

They dined in a private basement room at New York City’s Boulud Sud. Also on hand were producer Michael Gelman and his wife, along with Mark Consuelos. Michael said Gelman’s wife wound up with his dessert, and Michael wasn’t sure how to handle the situation. In the end, he did get the dessert he wanted.

Michael Strahan Football Scholarship

Kelly & Michael: Strahan Football Scholarship

Kelly Ripa learned a story about co-host Michael Strahan football scholarship pursuits, and how his father encouraged him to achieve his dreams.


Kelly asked Michael about a football story he told her husband at dinner. “Most people don’t know I didn’t play football until my senior year of high school,” he said. “I grew up in Germany.”

Michael said he started working out at age 13, because his brothers gave him the nickname BOB, short for “Booty on Back.” The traumatic nickname drove Michael to try workouts from Jane Fonda and Herschel Walker. That’s a well-rounded routine if I ever heard one.

By the end of high school, Michael moved to Houston to live with his uncle and play football. It was enough to get him a college scholarship. Michael said his dad always believed he could go all the way in pursuit of his dreams.

“The thing is, I don’t know if he knows what he’s doing, but Dad is working,” Michael told Kelly.

Kelly Ripa: Live with Kelly & Michael Prediction

Kelly recalled the start of her nine-month co-host search last fall. Her children made a video describing the attributes they suggested she look for in a partner. At the time, her eldest son suggested that he take on the role. His name is also Michael, and he held up a homemade sign reading “Live with Kelly and Michael.” I guess we should’ve known back then.

Michael Strahan: Man Fakes Death As Proposal

The topic turned to extreme proposals. Kelly retold the story of Mark’s supposed proposal, when the couple agreed to elope the following day, since they had the day off from their jobs at All My Children. Michael said he and the audience weren’t sure whether that counts.

Michael shared the story of a Russian man who faked his own death as part of an elaborate proposal, “‘cause he wanted her to realize how empty her life would be without him.” The co-hosts were appalled that he hired makeup artists and actors to stage the accident scene. In the end, his girlfriend even said “yes” to this wacky proposal!

“That’s terrible,” the new co-hosting team agreed.

Kelly & Michael: Traveling With Babies

Michael said his children did OK while traveling when they were young, but that it can be stressful for parents. Kelly shared a story of parents who passed out earplugs, candy, and apology notes in advance of flying with 14-week-old twins.

Kelly was impressed with the creative note. Michael admitted to being concerned when noticing babies on a flight. But he said it’s nice to be complimented on well-behaved kids after a successful trip.

On one occasion, Kelly recalled that she was traveling with her kids when another woman’s baby was crying. When Kelly attempted to commiserate, the baby projectile vomited on her and daughter Lola.

Kelly Ripa: John Mayer Throat Surgery

John Mayer is having granuloma surgery to remove a vocal cord growth. He must refrain from singing for about six months. Kelly wondered what would happen if she or Michael was supposed to stop talking for awhile. The co-hosts agreed that Gelman would have no trouble communicating via cue cards if necessary.

Kelly & Michael: Purple Bedroom & Sex Life

Michael said he couldn’t think of what color his bedroom is, “because when I’m in there, the lights are off.” He rattled off a long list of possible colors that might be in the room. I think he decided the room is white.

Kelly shared a British survey (“everything strange comes out of England,” she said) that concluded purple bedrooms are associated with the most active sex lives. She speculated that there was a correlation between purple bedrooms and teen girls.

Endless Summer Travel Trivia: Michael Strahan

The co-hosts kicked off their latest trivia competition with Endless Summer Travel Trivia. The beach ball has been retired and the wheel is back. But there is still a trivia dancer for now.

Denise Lanning from Kansas City, Missouri, was the day’s trivia caller, playing for a trip to the Fairmont Mayakoba Resort in Riviera Maya.

In what year did we say Michael Strahan made his first appearance on Live?

Denise won the trip, because she knew the answer was 2008. A studio audience winner went home with $500 in Omaha Steaks.

Kelly & Michael: Endless Summer Web Edition

A new weekly vacation contest lets home viewers answer trivia questions for another chance to win a vacation. You just have to answer a trivia question at the show’s official website.

Gelman said there is a new Kelly & Michael site coming soon; also, you need to reset your DVR for Live! with Kelly & Michael to make sure you’re not missing the show under its new name.


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