Kelly & Michael: Best & Worst US States & Tina Fey Academy Awards Host


Kelly Ripa: Hurricane Sandy Babies

Months ago during Hurricane Sandy, Kelly Ripa made a prediction about a potential surge in population. Today on Live, her prediction came true! Kelly read that there will be a lot of babies born this summer in New York City. At least one good thing can come from the tragedy.

Thanks to Hurricane Sandy, the birth rate is expected to increase as much as 30%. Apparently when the lights go out, people can only think of one thing to do! And you heard it from Kelly first.


Kelly & Michael: Online Dating Lies

Kelly & Michael: Best & Worst US States & Tina Fey Academy Awards Host

Kelly & Michael discussed Tina Fey hosting the Academy Awards, the best and worst U.S. states to live in and the upcoming influx of Hurricane Sandy babies. (Jaguar PS /

Would you ever lie on an online dating profile? Unfortunately, many people do according to a new study. Interestingly, the lies that men and women tell online are very different.

Men most often lie about their marital status, how much money they make and their cars. Women lie about their weight, age, nationality and whether or not they’re pregnant. Looks like people need to pay more attention to that show Catfish!


Michael Strahan: Male Nurse Increase

Michael read that in 1970, just 2.7% of all nurses were male. In 2011, that number jumped to 9.6%. Does Ben Stiller have anything to do with that? He played a nurse in Meet the Parents.

Kelly and Michael both applauded the work that all nurses do, especially labor and delivery nurses. Kelly made it seem like she wasn’t too nice to her nurses while giving birth to her children.

Kelly & Michael: Tina Fey Academy Awards Host?

When asked, Tina Fey said she wouldn’t host the Academy Awards. “It’s like breaking up with a guy before he even asks you out,” Kelly said. However, Michael thinks Tina will change her mind. He also hopes that Seth MacFarlane changes his mind, too. I think they should host together! What do you think of a potential Tina Fey Academy Awards hosting gig?

Kelly & Michael: Best & Worst States To Live In The United States

A new study has ranked America’s best and worst states to live in, based on quality of life and other factors. Here are the top five best states:

5. Vermont

4. Utah

3. Minnesota

2. Colorado

1. Hawaii

On the other hand, here are the five worst states. It’s interesting that they’re all in the South.

5. Arkansas

4. Tennessee

3. Mississippi

2. Kentucky

1. West Virginia

Kelly Ripa: Bully Documentary On Anderson Cooper

Kelly reminded everyone to tune in to Anderson Cooper on CNN tonight. There will be a special update on the children from the documentary Bully and a look at a new anti-bullying campaign. Kelly will be appearing to weigh in on this extremely important topic.

Kelly & Michael: Remembering Timothy McCormack

On a sad note, Kelly wished to acknowledge the loss of a Live family member, Timothy McCormack from Staten Island. Timothy, an EMT, was killed when his ambulance was struck by a car going the wrong way. As they began the show, Kelly and Michael wanted everyone to know that they are both thinking of the brave young man who was gone too soon.

Blizzard To Beach Travel Trivia: Taraji P. Henson

Trivia caller Roseanne won a trip to the Turtle Bay Resort in Hawaii by answering the following question: Prior to becoming an actress, what was Taraji P. Henson’s major in college? The answer is electrical engineering. An audience member also won a $500 gift certificate to Omaha Steaks.


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